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  • When you go to my blog you see a Home page and the page looks fine but when you start browsing the blog, for example go to Furniture and then when you want to go back to that Home page, you see category archives/ Home and even at the bottom it says where it was posted. So it’s like it’s not taking you back to that primary domain but it’s taking you to a post in a category/archives. I was told that I have the Home link pointing to a directory /category/home/, rather than the primary directory, /public_html. How can I change it?

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  • can u give header template file’s contents ?

    D M


    I think, as you are using the Patchwork theme, this menu may only be for categories of posts.
    If you have a category for posts called “Home” that you put posts in, then this is what this link in the menu is for.
    This is the link in the menu:

    If you don’t have a category, “Home”, then remove this from the theme’s menu list.

    When I remove Home from the menu list, then when you go to my blog, it still takes you to Home and the welcome message, even though there is no category like Home anymore.

    And to mbozz- I have no clue what you’re asking me for, sorry I’m so new to this

    D M


    This seems to be an internal function of the theme itself. You could ask the theme’s developer here:

    I contacted the developer, we will see but to be honest with you, everything was fine until I decided to change a sentence on that Home Page yesterday, after that who knows what I did that it created this mess. It’s almost like the Home button takes me to the directory /category/home/ which isn’t the primary directory for the domain and I need to change something to be able to point back to the primary directory, but what?

    @kamilat : i got your theme from themes and i am looking into tat

    Does anybody else have any ideas? The developer is not responding and I am getting anxious. This thing is really bothering me and I don’t know what to do.

    Mbozz- did you come up with something?

    Thank you

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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