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  • My WP is installed in a sub-folder, for example: I want to put an index page in the root ( that would be mostly static info and images with a list of headlines at the bottom. And, of course, I want the header, sidebar and footer to display.

    I have looked at WP codex for “Creating Pages” and “Integrating WordPress with Your Website,” but either they don’t apply to this or I don’t understand them properly. I keep getting error messages that say it failed to stream or find a function like get_header(), or some other file.

    So I’m hoping someone can explain how to do this in a very straight forward, step-by-step way, or point me to a simple guide and/or sample. Thanks.

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  • why not just install WP in your root, with a static front page?

    This is not a new install. My site has been online for almost six years. I recently upgraded from WP 2.5.1 to WP 2.9.2 and am upgrading my theme as well. The structure of the new themes are very different from the old theme I am presently using. I am able to do what I described above with my old theme, but can’t get it to work with the new one.

    In addition to not getting a response to my question, some of my comments posted here have been deleted. What’s going on?
    is another tutorial on integrating WP with your site. Thing is I don’t know much about bringing in header, footer, etc. Maybe set ‘use-themes’ to true, maybe call them…I really don’t know

    Which may be why you don’t get help….a person who has done what you need would have to be on here at the right time to answer you. There are more than a few questions……
    (I don’t know how many people have done what you want…most people would just move their WP install to the root, then use a static front page…. I integrate my WP with a different static site, but just to display posts and pics, not use theme pieces)

    Unless you posted some offensive stuff, your posts won’t be deleted here. There is a spam filter, and it acts really janky sometimes. Some days I have tonnes of posts that don’t show up. If they are caught up in the spam filter, chances are..they will be let out of WP jail soon

    Thanks for that link, RVoodoo. It’s not completely what I want, but I think it’s enough for me to figure out the rest. Very helpful.

    I was a little surprised at the lack of response. In the past I’ve always had quick responses from this community to my questions. Maybe this is just a little too quirky, but I’ve seen answers to quirkier questions than this. And I can assure that I never posted anything remotely offensive. So I don’t know what happened to my previous posts.

    Thanks again. I’m gonna go experiment with this some more.

    Posting this here (hope you don’t mind!), as it’s sort of similar to what I want:

    Imagine I have a site at, and in that there’s a WP install at /wp.

    I want to replace all the content at with pages from WP, but keeping my existing blog at /wp.

    So, basically, I’ll have an entirely new site at, powered by WP, but all the stuff at /wp will remain as-is.

    Is this possible?

    did this ever get resolved?

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