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  1. laurentlanglais
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi guys
    I'm done more or less what I wanted with my footer on http://www.spacessential.com exept that the link on my blog name does something weird. When you click on the link in the footer rather than going to the welcome/home page you get a blank page with a "sorry nothing found message". Dunno why and dunno how to change it. Here is my footer code

    also would like to have the footer links in the middle rather than on the left-ish. In my template functions if I change the float or the footer or the width it also moves the graphic part of the template at the bottom; if I try to change something on footer links only doens't work. Here are the codes for both


    Thanks for your help guys!

  2. donuthole
    Posted 5 years ago #

    The link problem is here: <a href="<?php bloginfo('spacessential'); ?>" title="<?php bloginfo('spacessential'); ?>"><?php bloginfo('spacessential'); ?></a> feng Shui London Uk 2006-2011

    Change it to: <a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>" title="<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>"><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></a> feng Shui London Uk 2006-2011

    To place the footer links in the middle of the brown background, change your #footer CSS width to 694 and add the following padding to the #footer CSS: padding-left: 310px;

    That should clear it all up.

  3. laurentlanglais
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Wow thank you so much donuthole both problems solved and quickly I'm a happy bunny!

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