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  • Well, I’ve already snafued myself. I set a page as the static page; not the ‘home’ page. Now home mirrors whatever is written on the static page, and while you can see home when looking at the site view live on the web, it isn’t visible to edit or change on the Manage Pages view from Admin. Interesting.

    I think I brought it on myself, by accidently deleting my original home page and then recreating a new home page later. When I originally deleted the home page in manage pages admin view, it still showed up on the site itself with a ‘this page has been removed message’-although the theme was apparently unchanged by looking at it.

    I showed two ‘homes’ on the tabs- the supposedly deleted original one and then the home I had created by making a new page called ‘home’ thinking it might just overwrite the original home.

    I then deleted the second Home I had just created, leaving the original ‘Home’ -the one that isn’t there, according the my manage pages view inside Admin of wordpress.

    So, I have a Home, visible to people looking at the website that I can’t edit or manage inside the Admin Panel.

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  • You overcomplicate it. You did not have 2 home (front pages). The Home link in your navbar is hardcoded there – that’s why you had 2 links!

    Also, when you assign a Page as your frontpage you should also assing one as your posts page.

    This happened to me too.
    i added a page called “home” to my site
    Then there were two tabs titled “home”
    I then deleted the page “home” hoping to have only one tab called “Home”

    well there is only one “home” tab now, but the page is empty and i don’t know how to access it to enter some content.


    o.k. so where do i go to add content to my home page?

    I am having the same problem. I did the same thing as John. Now I have two Home tabs, and whenever I update one, the other one shows the same information. How may I be able to get rid of one of the Home tabs? Or do I need to re-load my theme and start over (I hope not!)?


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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