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  • with the twenty eleven theme, every time I assign a featured image to a page, it seems to work and appears on in the bottom right on the edit screen, however when I check the website every page still has the main screen header as its image. The strangest part is that for a while the featured image was working, but since I updated recently this option has stopped working. I have tried messing with the code but i am a layman and don’t understand the jargon. Does anyone have the same problem or know of a solution?

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  • Hi there,
    I thought I had cracked it, but its very temperamental. If you try uploading the picture, choosing the featured image button, saving and then previewing changes before updating your site, it may work.

    It worked for me for a while and has just stopped working…

    I am experiencing the exact same issue with twenty eleven. I am new to WP and self-hosting the site. I have a custom header on the home page, and have set each of the five subsequent pages to display featured images… as above, they show up in the preview in the edit page, but when you update and visit the site, the main header still shows up on every page. The site’s only been up for about a week, and this override just started happening when I swapped out new images yesterday. They are all sized correctly at 1000 x 288 pixels. The site is, fyi. Any help is appreciated!

    I have the same problem, my featured images show up under my page settings, but not on the actual website. Has anyone resolved the problem yet? I’m looking on youtube for videos, but can’t find anything, I saw some other postings on this website where other people went into the html coding, but I don’t understand anything about it…



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    my featured images show up under my page settings, but not on the actual website.

    by design, Twenty Eleven does not show featured images in any of the templates.

    define where you want the featured image to show, and ask in more detail;
    or review those ‘other postings on this website where other people went into the html coding’ (actually, it is php coding).

    Re By-Design
    Given the number of posts on this subject over a number of years there must be something going on with this problem.

    It appears to happen regardless of theme used. It works ok for a while and then stops.

    I was using Graphene when it stopped working. I don’t recall changing anything related to settings or plugins although I assume I must have. The thing is that an old page that has a featured image works as required but any attempt to add a featured image to other pages or posts results in the image showing in the edit screen as if it’s worked but not appearing when the page is displayed.

    Being a newbie to php etc I’m not sure how the code gets changed but it’s as if the link to the thumbnail is ok but the one to the main image is lost.
    Where are the details of the links held? I’ve looked in the database but can’t see them?



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    It’s worth creating your own thread on the issue for support, Phil.

    I’ve solved this problem. It was a combination of image sizes and whether or not a thumbnail existed.

    I installed the Auto Post Thumbnail plugin which makes sure that all media gets a thumbnail when as its uploaded.

    The other key point is that the images in the header have to be at least 960 wide.

    Hope this helps


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