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  • Here is my issue:

    All my cached pages/posts on my site look fine, all correctly formatted when you click on them. But when you look at the front…live “home page” the formatting especially in IE looks wrong. In IE my sidebar moves to the bottom and is too large and the content area is not wide enough for my text! In Firefox things are a little better on the homepage, the main problem here being that the multi media box is too large for the sidebar. If you click on any post all of these issues go away.
    How do I fix my homepage?
    Please help.

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  • esmi


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    You might want to try sorting out some of your validation errors.

    Hi esmi,

    It appears that I have 400 validation errors! I am confused, do I have to manually go in and make all of these changes? And what am I supposed to be changing? My custom CSS?


    I have a (Cleaned-up Source Listing with “Tidy”) code, can I add this code to fix these errors? And if so where do I add this?

    Never had anything like this happen before!



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    You can’t add Tidy’s code to your template files as it doesn’t include WP’s template tags. It’s about working backwards from the output to the template file responsible and working out where to tweak the code.

    I have no idea where to find the location of the offending template files in my directory based on the information validator is giving me for example here is the first error of the rather long list:

    document type does not allow element X here

    The element named above was found in a context where it is not allowed. This could mean that you have incorrectly nested elements — such as a “style” element in the “body” section instead of inside “head” — or two elements that overlap (which is not allowed).

    One common cause for this error is the use of XHTML syntax in HTML documents. Due to HTML’s rules of implicitly closed elements, this error can create cascading effects. For instance, using XHTML’s “self-closing” tags for “meta” and “link” in the “head” section of a HTML document may cause the parser to infer the end of the “head” section and the beginning of the “body” section (where “link” and “meta” are not allowed; hence the reported error).

    * Line 1276, column 23: document type does not allow element “style” here

    <style type=”text/css”>


    Where would I find line 1276? to fix it?

    If you’re stuck figuring out where errors are in your theme, load the page in your browser, view the source then use line numbering in the text editor (if you have it). The line number won’t be precise (up or down a few), but it will help you find where things are.

    Thanks for this tip Terry I can now see where the errors are…but where do I go to fix the code?



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    You have to work backwards, identify the template being used to generate a given piece of markup and then track the error down in the template file.

    Hi esmi…It is these template files I cannot seem to locate.
    would they be in:

    (typogrid is my Thesis skin)
    Am I looking in the right place to correct the code? I am new to fixing validation issues…can you tell!


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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