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    Hi Everyone, I’m absolutely new to this (at 57…), but have managed to get MAMP and WordPress installed OK, and am ‘up and running’, so to speak. In the theme that I have imported (zDark), I can add new pages etc (copied from my present, live website… one by one) but have not been able to remove or edit the ‘home’ page! When I go to the ‘edit your front page’ link in the dashboard, nothing happens! How do I resolve this, and how can edit the ORDER that the static pages appear in the header links? Any help would be appreciated,

    I don’t have the WP site live, so can’t show links to it yet, but anyone is very welcome to have a look at the site I am preparing to port to WP, as iWeb is no longer supported, and so, might just not be compatible with the next OS-upgrade? Can’t risk that! The site is at, I reckon I have about a month’s work ahead of me…
    Thanks!! Peter

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  • Most themes will allow you to make achoice between

    1. a dynamic page: a ‘newspaper-style’ page that will show you the 5 or so most recent posts
    2. a static page. A page you created [like any other page] and declare to be the homepage.

    Have a look at
    dashboard > settings > reading.

    OK, Managed to sort this out myself… The ‘Home’ page is by default where the blogs end up, and ‘cannot’ be removed and the order of the static pages is given on the right of the dashboard in the edit mode of pages. Easy! 🙂

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    I don’t understand. I’ve set up a static front page, and a link has appeared on my dashboard to edit my front page. But when I click on the link, nothing appears to happen. What am I missing?

    @terry.McArdle – please start your own thread and include more relevant info in your post –

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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