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  • hello

    when i go to google search and punch in my website’s name/homepage, the homepage website link shows there as usual. however, when i click on it nothing happens or shows but a blank page. that’s it. however, when i log into my website’s admin page and go into my site that way the home page shows. it just does not show up if one clicks on the website link while it shows in google or yahoo or any search.

    i called bluehost to no avail, he tried using different themes, nothing helped. he was able to get to my home page “from the outside” by using firefox browser (i use internet explorer)

    my website’s name is: http://www.thelastfriendsofwilliecoyote/. it does not matter whether that is typed directly into the browser or the search results homepage link is clicked.

    any assistance would be appreciated. please not that i am not that computer savy, so if there is any help please explain in simple step by step directions if possible. thanks mike

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  • Michael


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    this is all your site produces in the browser:

    <!-- Dynamic page generated in 1.538 seconds. -->
    <!-- Cached page generated by WP-Super-Cache on 2013-02-02 10:27:24 -->
    <!-- Compression = gzip -->

    so the first step would be to get rid of the WP-Super-Cache plugin;

    try to deactivate it and see what happens.

    thanks. i had already deactivated wp super-cache and no results, guess i will delete it and see if it helps. funny thing is that everything is fine on the admin side, it’s just when you click on my link to my website from google or yahoo search results, nothing happens.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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