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  • Having worked brilliantly while I built the site, since Blackbird was updated, I’ve lost all control of the home page. The content has disappeared and it’s now impossible to return to my previous state to include all the home page features I had entered.

    The editing menu exists but it simply doesn’t display the content, the images or the links that I have entered anymore. Very disappointing.

    By the way, I found a neat piece of CSS code to solve the text editing problem that Philemon complains of. That works well, but what’s the point if you don’t have any of the neat features Blackbird used to offer.

    DO NOT INSTALL the free version until this problem is solved.

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  • Moderator Jose Castaneda



    I’m not this type of person but I feel that this is a good time to post this.

    When something breaks I get the need and want to vent. But to penalize somebody verbally, let alone through text, is hurtful. In this case a community. A community of developers and users.

    Don’t get me wrong I totally understand your pain. When something breaks I expect it to be resolved and I expect it to be done in a timely manner. The downside is that we have to follow steps. In this case the developer has to go through a process of waiting in order for somebody to report an issue, find a solution, submit the new version of the theme and then repeat the vicious cycle.

    It would be like going to Starbucks, ordering a tall, extra hot mocha with a pump of vanilla, two packets of splenda and extra whip through the drive-thru and go about your day; next day order the same thing but you realize that it tastes too sweet but you already drove away. That store won’t know anything until you do something about it. What do you do? Call them up and more often than not they will tell you: oh, I’m sorry about that. Next time the drink will be on us.

    As you can see even that scenario you can’t expect to be getting another drink within the next couple of hours unless you return to the store.

    Just because you had one bad experience does not mean, nor really give you the right, to give a horrible review.

    I have tested this theme myself as well nearly a year ago. The developer was more than happy when I told him the issues I encountered while conducting the review and you know what? They were happy to get that input.

    Like I said: I’m really not this type of person but I felt it needed to be done.

    One bad experience shouldn’t outweigh all the good ones.



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    It also helps if you post to the theme’s dedicated support forum and wait for a response BEFORE you post a review. In your case, you posted in the theme’s support forum and this review at the same time. What’s the point in doing that since you didn’t even wait for the theme’s developer to respond?

    Try reviewing:

    And please remember that posting reviews “inappropriately” simply reduces the overall usefulness of the review system for everyone.

    All the work I did on the website I built using the free Blackbird theme was voluntary. I never received a dollar for the hours I put in. That’s also why I used a free theme. Now that the home page feature has disappeared from Blackbird, I am being pressed to return the site to its former state. What can I do?

    I think there should have been a warning about the changes made in version 1.2.1 ? It would have been more honest to be upfront and certainly avoided bad press for Blackbird. Why would I want to look at the paying version after such a bad experience?

    Jose Castaneda and Esmi, you are quick to talk about policy and posting reviews about themes. I guess you have a vested interest in doing so. I think future users need to be informed about what they are getting (or not getting any longer) before they discover they have to start their homepage again from scratch. That’s why it’s important to post here and keep the community up-to-date on latest developments. If WordPress have changed their policy, then we also need to know

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