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  • Hi, I’ve had a site ( developed for me a few moths back and we are just In the process of finalizing the site. We have a very clean and simple home page. I know absolutely nothin about WordPress except what I have taught myself through updating pages etc.

    I have tow problems that I don’t quite understand how to fix.

    1. On the home page I asked for 3 columns on the bottom of the screen to be set up with wading photo and one sentence, a read more button and linked through to the relevant page. I’m really happy with this but the photo is tiny, when I login to WordPress I can see that page but those columns headings and photos aren’t on that page to edit. Is there somewhere else that these could have been produced?

    2. I turned on the “don’t hide my site from search engines” but when I google the business name it comes up with a robot.txt box.

    My greatest problem is I have never been exposed to coding so updating these things are challenging. I had outsourced this to anther business who have not met tw deadline (2weeks ago) and everytime they change one part it seems to effect another part detrimentally. I have a feeling that while they were great at establishing the site the editing at this stage may not be a strength? I’m not sure.

    I’m keen for any advice that could be provided to help me work this one out. Once these two things are done we can launch our business (I’m working on the last product info this weekend).

    Thanks in advance


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  • I’ve never used any of elegant theme’s stuff, but I’d wager this will work. Go to Appearance > Widgets. Over on the right there should be a footer widget area. The three columns will be there.

    Also, because you’re using a premium theme, you can request support directly from them for things like this.

    Regarding to your questions:

    1. It’s really hard to tell. Because there are many ways to pull that off:

    a) The developer can create sidebar areas, and have put widgets there. You can access the widget areas by going to

    b) If there isn’t any suspicious widget, then probably it was hard coded from functions.php file or the main home.php file. Then you have to edit it manually using a text editor.

    2. Your site’s landing page can be created using a file like home.php, but it’s also possible to use “page” assigned as static front page in WordPress. Looks like the meta description is missing. You can add that by using a plugin like

    or use more simpler approach, like using this plugin

    thank you for your comments. there definitely isnt one under the widgets area but on further investigating i can see that:

    -the photos have been added at 36×36 under media
    -there is a custom field called ICON and then the link to the above photo
    -when i resize the photo it covers the heading and text, so

    essentially i would like it to have the
    PHOTO – 100x150ish size

    rather than side by side.

    So my very inexperienced guess is that where ever those custom fields are – the layout would be in the code? could that be a good guess?

    Thanks for the tip on the premium theme help – i might shoot them the question also.

    I havent actually done this before but did note that some shouldnt be used in different themese so i avoided them. Is there are a rule about which ones to use/not use?

    Well they could have manually written the layout in footer.php, which should be located in wp-content/themes/TheProfessional (or whatever they named the directory).

    As far as plugins, what functionality are you trying to achieve?

    for the plugins i was looking into it from Wpthemes777 advice:

    “or use more simpler approach, like using this plugin

    Ive raised both of the issues with the company i was using and a week on still not working.

    It seems everytime i ask for one thing it turns other things off. Eg i asked for the wording to be taken off the slider, now i dont know how to change the slider photos if i want too. however it was done has now been undone and redone another way. i guess if there was a way of doing things simpler through plugins id try it.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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