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  • Hello. I have a new WordPress site that had a temporary login screen for the client to gain access to the site without having to go through the WordPress Admin area. Google apparently cached that version of the home page.

    Now, when I go to my webmaster tools and try to remove the cached version of the home page, I type in the homepage URL but Google’s system adds the full URL (I typed) to the tailend of the site’s full URL!

    What I mean is, it comes up as…

    Does anyone know how I can avoid this? I can’t find any information on this.

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  • Did you try to click “remove URL”, click “New remove request” then leave blank the URL field and click “OK”.
    This will send a remove request for

    Yes. I tried that but then the option to remove ONLY the cached version of that page is not available. Instead, I get:

    “This will remove all instances of from Google search results”

    No drop-down menu.

    OK, I understand what you mean. I did the test.

    As far as I know, the cache of your page in Google will be refreshed soon (it could be in some days/weeks) by itself (normally).

    I understood that you do not want to remove totally the page from Google to prevent to loose visitors, but if you do not have too much visitor (less than 100 per days on the Home page), don’t worry, you can remove it totally, Google will explore your website in the next few days and your Home page will come back in Google.

    Step 1 :
    To proceed this way, first you have to use a file called robots.txt, if you already use a robots.txt file, do a backup of this file onto your local computer because we need to change it temporarily.
    As Google said with the message “For permanent removal, the content must be blocked by robots.txt.”
    With a text editor, create a new file called robots.txt and copy/paste this :

    User-agent: Googlebot
    Disallow: /

    Then save the file and upload it in your www web folder. This will block Google indexing in your entire website (always temporarily)

    Step 2 :
    In the Google Webmaster Tools, simply click “remove URL”, click “New remove request” then leave blank the URL field and click “OK”
    Now, Google has the request to remove the Home page URL, but you’ll have to wait 1 or 2 days, it’s important that you wait while keeping this new robots.txt file present in www.

    Sometimes, You can check removal requests status in “Remove URLs” in the Google Webmaster Tool. Once the URL seems to be deleted from Google, delete our robots.txt file from your server and/or replace it by the one you backuped before this operation)

    Ohhh. That’s a good solution. It’s a new site so I can afford to change the robots.txt file temporarily, and yes, I have one. Question: If I’m removing the site’s URL temporarily, once it’s removed from Google’s search and I upload the original robots file, will I need to add the URL to Google again? I’m guessing I won’t have to re-do all of my settings in the Configuration section, because the site will still be registered.


    No, you will not loose all settings of your site in Google Webmaster Tools.
    To force Google to re-index your Home page, perhaps you will just have to add your Home page URL here :

    Great! Thanks for your help.

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