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  • please send me the details + WP admin info by email

    coastalcarolina – DO NOT SEND HIM YOUR ADMIN DETAILS!

    He will most likely post indecent posts, muck up your blog or hold it to ransom.

    Please explain a little more about what has happened.

    filmn – Denis-de-Bernardy is the Semiologic developer. Notice that this is a semiologic tagged thread?

    In general, your advice would be spot on. In this case, it may have been over-hasty.

    ok well sorry. I didn’t know that he was a Semiologic developer actually what is one of those?

    Sigh… I really need to update my site… so many plugins that were released unannounced. 😛

    if you go to my blog’s index page at you will see a page with a link of “next posts”. prior to upgrading to beta 4 when you went to my index page the most recent post would appear. i notice that the categories have the same problem. when clicked on there is no post…just the link.

    apparently, you had created a post with no title. you were also using the v.3.2 theme. I gave the post a title and I activated v.4.

    i deactivated v4 — that template just doesn’t look right as it scrolls off to the right. also deleted the post without a title.

    the posts are back on the home and category pages…thanks!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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