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  • Hi Everyone,
    My website URL is

    My posting page is my front page, I also have an home page which has been diverted to my post page. Which means my post page, my home page & front page are the same.

    In order to make the SEO work on my home page too, can i have the permalink edited to a keyword which would make the URL read as rather than

    Many thanks for your help in advance!

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  • Ideally the home page should be the FQDN (full URL only). From there then you can work out the SEO to boost the other page.

    Although if you write proper content, page title and headers you should not need to promote another page rather than the homepage.

    Hi Thanks for yr feedback.

    Should the Home page/front page be a static page or it can also be the post page.

    Finding it difficult to boost the home page without posts included on it.

    Thank you,

    The two options for a WordPress front page are:

    1. Static page
    2. List of all blog posts

    Having said that, you can copy the content from a blog post to the main page (though avoid having duplicate content).

    Alternatively you can always edit the index.php file manually to have your own page and include anything you want, such as menus etc.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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