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    I’m using the Twenty Ten theme and I’ve got ten pages. I decided to add a ‘home’ page today, and I just want to know how to remove the word that says ‘home’ on the top of the page.

    To see what I mean have a look at my home page: http://www.impactcopywriting.co.uk

    You will see the first lot of text says ‘home’ … how do I remove that so the home page resembles the rest of my pages?

    In other words; I don’t want ‘home’ written on the page. I want it to start with the text that I wrote.

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  • Oh no … I’ve just noticed that when you click on my web link it takes you to the second page. This is not what I wanted. How do I get my webpage to navigate to the home page – being the first page?

    To set your page called ‘Home’ to be the home page, in your admin panel go to Settings > Reading

    and change the setting. Note you will need to assign another page to display your blog posts so you might need to create another page called Blog or Posts or whatever you like.

    Here’s some more info:


    To remove the ‘Home’ title on your Home page you can either hide it using CSS by adding this to your CSS file:

    .page-id-622 .entry-title {
    display: none;

    Or you can create a custom page template and remove the bit of code that displays the page title: http://codex.wordpress.org/Pages#Creating_Your_Own_Page_Templates

    (Also, just as a side note, you may want to re-think hiding the header area on your website, it makes things a bit complicated when you have that big header image but not a clickable logo to your homepage, plus you miss out on valuable h1 and h2 tags from the header that tell the search engines what your site is all about.)

    Hope that helps!

    (Also, another thing I forgot to mention – something is going wrong with your page titles, as in the titles that display across the top of the browser window, they are blank and that’s very bad for SEO, just letting you know in case you hadn’t realised)

    Thanks for your help PinkishHue. I’ve made the necessary changes. Many thanks.

    And thank you for adding the extra observations … much appreciated too.

    I did wonder about SEO and Meta Tags – I didn’t see any options for them.

    I’ve gone onto > Appearance > Header … it shows my logo as the header image, and it gives me the option to upload a new image, use a default image, remove image, or reset the image. So, what you are saying is I must have NO image to take advantage of the full features?

    You suggest I use a clickable logo to my homepage. What does that mean exactly – I’m not quite with you. Please do explain further if you don’t mind?

    Page titles? How do I get page titles to appear on the browser window?

    I really do appreciate your observations, however I’m no good at this type of thing and have no idea what I’m doing. Any help will be greatly welcomed 😉

    I’ve done some research, and it seems the header page does not give me the option to add meta tags/key words.

    It’s a custom header, and it only shows:

    Header Image > Select Image > Uploaded Images > Default Images > Remove Image > Reset Image. That’s it.

    It doesn’t offer me the option to add key words to the heading.

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