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  • my home page wont change to what i want it to be. if the normal person veiws my site it dont look the way it does when im logged into it as a admin. what should i do. its the wigets that arent rite. i just made this site for my business & im very unhappy.

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  • i even donate to this damn site what [childish expletive moderated]!!!!!!!!

    What site do you donate to? There is no way to donate to – so you didn’t donate here.

    Perhaps you could read through the forum welcome

    And get some tips on asking for help here

    You’ve provided us with very little information to be able to offer any assistance. For instance, a link to your site, and a full description of your problem.

    its nothing hard or technical. its done rite but the site dont change. if i change a wiget the wiget scene wont change. i let it be for a week and still dont change. go to my link the 3rd wiget dont even have nuttn in it. its wordpress itself. heres my link

    I see you are using Responsive Theme, I installed it on my test site to see how it works.

    I’m having no problems swapping out widgets.

    Looking at your source code – it appears you have an empty text widget in that empty 3rd widget area. If you remove the blank widget and put something else there, or fill in some text, it should appear.

    The footer widgets are all Home Widget 1-3. The home widgets only affect the footer area, on the home/front page it would seem.

    If you swap those out with something different, nothing changes? Sometimes if you change something and don’t see it on your site right away, you need to press Ctrl and F5 keys at the same time to refresh your browser and see the changes.

    just so you know voo doo there is a text in wiget 3. but it dont show it. & im awear of how long changes sometimes takes when changeing things on the site but its been 2 weeks & sorry but it shouldnt take that long… lol

    the 1st & 2nd wigets are in the wrong places too. where it says “professional garage door services” that suppose to be in the 1st wiget.

    if i could get your e-mail i would be more then happy to give you my phone #. probably be easier for you to understand me

    Christine Rondeau


    Volunteer Forum Moderator

    HI @beave,

    I would recommend that you contact the theme developer directly on the theme support forum. –

    That support forum is solely for that theme.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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