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  • Is it possible to make the home navigation button link outside WP?

    I have my main site set up in root with WP in a directory (blog).

    It is simple enough to link the index.php to my main site to (blog) but how can I change the home link back to the main site?

    If that can not be done can a page be created that links back to the main site.
    I have tried creating a Catalog page but there seems to be no way to get linked back past (blog)

    Thanks for any help provided

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  • Found it.

    Just in case someone else runs into this problem or others here do not know the fix.

    I went into the header.php of my theme.
    In the section for the navigation under the php call:
    <?php art_menu_items(); ?>
    I simply added list items for the links I wanted outside the blog itself.

    You can see this functioning at:
    This website is still under construction.
    All of the top level navigation (where pages go) is now linked to the main site itself.

    WordPress has solved requests from business clients who want an easy Blog for their site that matches their own domain look.

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