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  • Hi,

    My home page is the latest blog posts, I want that to stay the same (so I don’t want a static home page). I would like to add an additional link in the navigation bar that says “home”and sends the reader back to the home page. Is there a plug in that will do that? I would prefer not to go messing around with code unless someone can give me very clear step by step instructions (eg go to file manager, open file called “x” go to line “number” and insert the following words) I am not a coder, I can find the codes but have no idea what it is meant to say.

    Thanks for your help!

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  • Does your theme support menus? Go to appearance and menu. Cam you set or change your menu from there?

    I tried to create a new menu as suggested but then it removed the about me menu. I use delicacy theme.
    It feels like this is the right answer but I can’t make it work! Do you know how I tell if it does support this function?
    Thanks for your help!

    The top left box on that page either says your theme doesn’t support or it gives you an option to select which menu to use. What does it say in top left box?

    Did you install the theme yourself? Did anyone else work on it?

    Oh I see.
    Ok when I create a menu it then says:
    Your theme supports 1 menu. Select which menu you would like to use.

    So does that mean with this theme I can only have one menu along the top? That’s weird, as the advertisement for the theme has more than one menu heading.

    Hi there,

    Did you get a chance to read the documentation on the WordPress Navigation Menu?

    If not, I found this video beneficial – How to add a navigation menu to WordPress

    Ahhhh!! Thank you so much Mohd, that worked perfectly! I was creating a menu, and not putting anything in it as I didn’t realise the menu was the full header and I had to create the list of links below that.
    So simple with the video, thank you!!!

    Most user having trouble understanding that, but once you learn how to add the Pages, or Custom Links, or Category links, you’ll can basically do anything with it.

    Have a nice Sunday!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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