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    After I recently updated the primary navigation menu, the boxes that were at the top of my home page now appear to “drop down” into the body of the home page on some people’s computers. I only became aware of it because someone sent me a screen shot of the problem. It looks fine on both of my computers, as well as some other people’s. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this? My website is:

    Thanks in advance, I greatly appreciate it

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  • Paul Barthmaier


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    Hmmmmmm, how about a really old computer? Like one that has the resolution set to 800x600px. Your site’s container has a width of 960px, which is pretty standard. If someone is trying to view your site on monitor that is only 800px wide, some thing are going to wrap to display.

    What I am seeing is 2nd level menu choices under the Video main menu (“carpentry” through “DIY ideas”) also showing up on the main page to the left and underneath the real menu. Is that the problem?

    These spurious entries appear (in the HTML) to be on a “Secondary” menu. In your dashboard under Appearances / Menus is there an option for a Secondary menu in the first box (called Theme Locations)? If so, turn it off and see what happens.

    And hello fellow Contributor Day Volunteer!

    hmmm, sounds like you guys aren’t seeing the problem, so maybe it is an issue with folks who have older computers. Three people have notified us of this since I added a new item to the main menu, which made the menu spread wider across the home page. Is there any way to correct it other than removing the extra menu item, do you think?

    Unfortunately, and you may not be aware of it, but the theme you are using is not released under the GPL license – which is not in keeping with WP philosophy or policy – and is thus not supported here at all. I’d strongly suggest you give this a read and find another theme asap. All the themes here:

    are tested to meet WP standards and licensing requirements.

    Moderator cubecolour


    I can see that the last menu item ‘DIY ideas’ goes to a second line on the ipad as well, so the issue isn’t just for ancient PCs.

    If removing a menu item is not an option, you can tweak the css to make all of the menus fit, either making the text of the links smaller or reducing the amount of left/right padding. This can done by means of a child theme or by using a plugin that allows custom styles to be entered unless the theme has an option to include custom styles.

    As mentioned above, specific support for The theme you are currently using cannot be provided here and the use of themes from a supplier that includes unremovable sponsored links is discouraged.

    thanks everyone for your help. I had no idea that the theme I am using is unsupported (it was initially installed by a web developer that I was working with, but am no longer). I am slowly learning how to work with wp on my own (and through the amazing help of these forums!). I will definitely research changing my theme to an approved one…again, thank you all!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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