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  • Hi,

    I am new to as only used .com before but I have made a site for work, which is hosted internally so can’t post sorry but I am struggling to rearrange the home page. I wanted the static home page to look like Header,Home Page Content, Blog Posts, Footer. but I have the content below the blog posts for some reason and I can’t swap it around?

    I have tried in the editor in the Home Page template to swap what I thought was the Home Page content section of the code to the top but it just gives me a blank section on the actual static home page, when I move it back below the posts again the content comes back?

    Not sure what anyone would need to help me with this, like I say the site is on a VPN so can’t share but can copy code etc if that would help?


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  • Hi Andy,
    I’m not sure I understand your request.
    If you have the blog posts on a page, unless you have a custom index.php, you can’t display page content and a list of blogs.
    On another line, without seeing anything is quite hard to guess.
    Maybe you can share a screenshot or 2

    Ok, sorry. Hard to explain without images I know.

    I made the site on first, and have since moved it to .org (on our company network) so maybe sharing the .com site might help? –

    Basically I want to get the static home page you see on the link above the same in my .org site. I currently have the header sorted, menu is ok and the footer is fine. However, I have the 3 images for the blog posts showing above the wording from ‘Home’ and I don’t have the feature video showing either? So I need to know how to switch the wording in the Home Content with the 3 images/links to the blog posts.

    I thought it might be down to the template-home.php and I have tried moving some of the code around in there and everything I try doesn’t move that home content back above the blog posts?

    Thanks for taking a look

    here is the thing!
    After trying to achieve a similar result like yours, the theme stopped working properly.
    An option menu from the customizr disappeared so I’m assuming there is a bug somewhere and that you did as well something (like I did) that triggered this error.

    I’ll have to start fresh from scratch and with the debugging mode enabled to figure out what went wrong.
    If I’ll find something I’ll notify the author, but for now I’m not able to help you out.



    Which option on the menu did you loose? Maybe I don’t have it either and that is the problem?

    Thank you for looking in to it anyway


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    Hi Andy,

    There isn’t an option to swap these around. The .com version was based off my theme but they changed somethings. One being the content being above the featured posts, where in my theme it is below. If you are comfortable with html, you could edit the template-home.php and swap the sections. Be sure to copy that file to child theme.


    Thank you for the reply. I have tried to adjust the code in the template-home.php. And although I am not trained in HTML I know enough to get the basics but in this case I must be missing something as I have moved the section of the code I am sure if the home content to the top, directly after the header code, and all I get is a blank section on the home page, I can even git it to do horizontal lines in that section perfectly but the content isn’t showing?

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    If you look at

    You would move lines 34 to 74 and copy it between line 8 and 10.

    Sorry that is just moving the featured posts to the top of the home page template? So I now have the title for the feature content and the home page content below the 3 blog feature posts?

    I have been trying to work out the code and thought the section I needed to move in to between 8 and 10 are between lines 78 and 86 but that is just giving me the blank section but it is in the right place at least!

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    Sorry, I misread your post.
    Try moving 78-86 between line 33-34.

    Tried that just now and got no change at the top section of the page with the featured posts but now the content for the home page has just vanished? I am sure I am doing everything as advised, straight cut and posted the section you mentioned in the the line between 33 and 34?

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    I can confirm that moving lines 78-86 between line 32-34. All I can suggest is you might want to re download and start from scratch to make sure something was copied over by mistake.


    I’m having te same issue.
    I tried several things but didn’t work out.

    I build an website on – an by export and import method I copied it to

    When you look at both home-pages (with home template) you’ll see the difference.

    I’ d like to hear from you.

    Marcel Heinen

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    I apologize as I was testing this with Gateway Plus not Gateway free. I couldn’t get it to work by moving it on the free version. Sorry for the confusion.

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    It is not possible in the free version. Please keep in mind I did not create the version of Gateway that is why there are differences.

    Hello, is it for sure it works in the Plus version ?

    Can we make the deal that if I puchase the Plus and it still doesn’t work, I’ll get an refund off the purchase ?

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