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  • The title of my blog is active. Click it and you go home, whatever that ‘home page’ might be called or formed by. So having the other ‘Home’ button in the navigation area [list of pages] is unneccesary surely.

    I have looked through several postings on this and found no simple answer,and I am not a PHP coder.

    Any answers for removing the button?

    Thanks, Jim.

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  • It’s not really redundant. You have got no idea how many people get upset when there’s no ‘Home’ link staring them in the face even if the logo is linked to the home page. One site I worked with a little while back tried removing the home link in the menu bar, and they got 10 complaints in the first two weeks saying “I can’t get back to your home page no matter what I do”.

    If you do really want to remove this, you need to set up a custom menu and assign that to the correct area. You’ll find this under ‘Appearance -> Menus’ in your main admin area. The ba dthing about doing it this way is that pages are not added automatically any more – you’ll have to add anything new into the menu yourself.

    True enough, I think I have probably done that myself at times.

    I have been practising with “Twenty Twelve” theme so I don’t think the menu is customisable. Having said that the ‘menu’ option is switched off and the page navigation is formed from pages and subpages.

    Thanks for replying: I’d still be interested to know whether the ‘Home’ link can be erased or hidden in “Twenty Twelve” theme. Thanks.

    There is a specific forum for Twenty Twelve:

    That said, of course the menus are customizable! Go to Appearance>Menus, and Appearance>Widgets to change things around. There is no reason to lock oneself into a structure if you don’t like it.

    I can see that there is a sort of customisable menu now: however, using the sidebar widget via Appearance obviously puts this in the sidebar not at the top like a standard menu which is what I would prefer. Also it means I lose the dropdown menu effect of using pages and subpages, again this is what users would expect from a menu a list of hidden subjects to display on rollover.

    Is their really no way round this problem anybody?

    Ok, searched that forum manually, didn’t resolve the issue. I wish to remove the Home link below my blog title, as the title already links to the defined ‘Home’ page.

    I have used Pages and Subpages, which provides an easy dropdown menu feel, but this also inserts a home button. If I use the customisable menu widget then yes it removes the home button but it also loses the dropdown functionality.

    Any answers? Thanks, Jim.



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    general, two possibilities:

    activate and use the custom menu;

    try and add this to the functions.php in the child theme (creating a child theme is strongly recommended for any changes to the templates; ):

    function twentytwelve_child_page_menu_args( $args ) {
    	$args['show_home'] = false;
    	return $args;
    add_filter( 'wp_page_menu_args', 'twentytwelve_child_page_menu_args', 20 );

    Ok thanks. I got the custom sidebar menu working, though its not dropdown just indents.

    I started with the child theme for CSS file, and got WP to select it as a them, though it couldn’t see Parent and displayed with no styles.

    Now I am wondering why can’t I move the header image above the Pages list? Have looked through the CSS and can’t see reason why.

    I’m willing to forego the Home button as it is not hugely important and though I can do some html and css I don’t really wish to start on php – getting to old for that. It’s almost copy n paste but not quite.

    Ok Alchymyth, I just see you answered someone else on this 4 months ago – I will try that, thanks.

    Got the menu below the header image,thanks.

    How come the header is reduced from full image width of 960 to 624? Have had a good hunt around for info and looked at code but I am stumped on this.



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    please post a link to your site to illustrate what is going on.

    formatting issues cannot really be discussed without seeing the problem live.

    Thanks for responding. Site is a testing page at-

    Christine Rondeau


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    When you uploaded the image there was the option to crop the image. I just tried your image and then chose skip the cropping and use the original size and it worked.

    I would delete the image and start again. I think that perhaps you may have selected something by accident.

    A little odd. I had tried deleting and reloading several times to no avail – but as advised tried again by uploading first to image library then selecting the image from there, and yes it’s worked. Thanks, Jim.

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