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  • Every day there is a update for this plugin!!!

    I have updated it about 20 times now in the last month!

    Great plugin, but why not release the plugin when its done.

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  • As long as we’re using twisted logic, why not deactivate it and use it when it’s no longer being updated regularly? 😉

    If you’re happy to wait for it to be done, then you clearly don’t actually need the plugin now.

    Maybe you should just react a little more slowly to the update notification instead 🙂

    LOL. Software is never done. You can of course ignore most updates as long it’s working and you’re satisfied with what it’s doing on your site, but there is always room for improvement and lots of feature requests, and I try to implement them all if they’re reasonable.



    hello uberdose,

    One question from my side: can you make your plugin compatible with the language switcher plugin from here:

    I mean it works quite ok, but I can’t get post titles to be displayed in the chosen language, I always see all of them and I’d be also interested in translating meta keywords, so I can optimize a page for multiple languages.

    i.e. one example is here:

    have a look at the title you see on top of the browser? but in the menu the titles are correctly translated 🙁

    Seriously, your update frenzy is becoming utterly ridiculous.

    Your plugin is good, I don’t think you need to do “the little trick” to get higher download traffic, simply to achieve better positioning / ranking.

    Anyway, the update-mania has driven me away from using your plugin going forward – I like a decent code base that doesn’t require daily updates…for what it’s worth

    If the updates are warranted, keep them coming! However as pointed out above, an attempt at raising downloads, then grow up.

    I like this plug in a lot, so personally I’ll keep updating.

    First, I love the plugin and am definitely thankful that you’ve made it available to WP users.

    A lot of the updates seem to be for language packs. Maybe just add a link to the plugin page on WP Codex leading to a download page for all of the language files. Or possibly just make a list of the supported languages on the plugin’s codex page and update it when necessary.

    Anyway, thanks again for sharing your work. I appreciate it and I know that everyone here does, too.


    Quit with the sarcasm and patronising of us WP users.

    We make or break the product and Aquila deserved a better reply than the one you provided.

    If the updates are only language based then simply pin a notew to the updates that allow the appropriate languaged users who want that specific language to download the particular update.

    If it is a functionality update – say so then all users know they better download

    This is a great product marred only by the replies we receive when we need support and a minor fix to filter updates to appropriate users.

    I realize this is no skin off your nose, but the constant updates combined with your attitude here have led me to uninstall your plugin, Uberdose.

    I don’t get it.

    What’s the point of writing open source software if you don’t release it? I strongly believe in releasing early and often, and I do that as often as possible. You are satisfied because you get your features. And I feel good because it’s fun.

    And what is that about my “attitude here”? Whom did I offend?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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