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  • You literally broke the best plugin on Live traffic doesn’t work, there is no option to set up a honeypot and block attackers who hit certain files and there is no option to block ip’s that try to login with certain usernames. The whole UI is a mess now (you have to click on 3 different items just to get to the settings when before you only had to click once)

    This is a HUGE step backwards. Please please please for the love god, bring back version 6 or at least include ALL of the previous options under the new global settings. Literally unusable in this state. This is my go to plugin to help clients and we have multiple sites with premium support. We can not use this plugin anymore in this state.

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    Thanks for your feedback. We’re aware of the need to bring back global options and the team is looking at doing that.

    Live traffic still works and the default view is compact. You can enable the expanded view in settings which is at the top of the live traffic page.

    All other features still exist. Please post in the forums and the team will help you find them.

    Wordfence 7.0.1 was a major user interface redesign which moved the focus onto security fundamentals. Our emphasis is now on securing your website and doing the things that are most important to prevent a hack. This includes giving you a quick and easy way to see what your security posture is and whether you have the blacklist, firewall and malware scan enabled and if you have any current issues.

    Live traffic can be useful for some purposes e.g. seeing in real-time which bots are visiting your site. But it is not fundamental to security and in fact creates unnecessary work if you are trying to watch it and stop attacks manually. Wordfence actually does that work for you automatically now and you can disable live traffic and have a perfectly secure high performance site.

    If you would like live traffic back on the menu on the left, we have provided an option to enable that. Just ask in the support forums.


    Mark Maunder
    Wordfence Founder/CEO.

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