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  • OK so just to start off i’ve been working with WP for almost 10 years now and i’ve never seen anything like this.
    the website is (just to get that out of the way)

    1. when posting a new post on the blog, the post it actually not showing up but subtracting from one of the posts already on the page. The post is in the backend and when published it shows up on all social networks (facebook) but again on the main blog page its actually subtracting from the post we already have there.
    2. The posts that ARE showing up are completely random. It seems WP is grabbing them however it wants and displaying them on the page.

    Has anyone ever seen anything like this??? If so i need help. this site has quite a bit of traffic and can’t afford to be acting like this at all.

    OK so thats my problem. NOW…
    I thought “well maybe something got screwed up on my template (even though I haven’t touched it since finished) so I went in and did 3 things.
    1. I redesigned the template using “twentyten” as the parent and created a child. No change in my problem.
    2. I activated “twentyten” as the template just to make sure it wasn’t me and again no change in my problem.
    3. I went through and deactivated plugins checking the site after each one and again no change in my problem.

    I’m completely baffled by this issue which has lead me here. If ANYONE can help I would greatly appreciate it.

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  • Try uploading a new download of your version of WordPress, overwriting every file except your wp-content folder. This will save all your posts, plugins, uploads and themes, but give you a completely new WordPress install.

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