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  • hi,

    I have a holding page on my site, index.html, just while I’m populating wordpress – frustratingly however I have to ‘switch off’ (rename) index.html every time I work on the site as every time I click on a link it bounces back to the home page (not index.php)

    has anyone got any ideas around this? probably something simple

    I thought I could use .htaccess, using the code ‘DirectoryIndex index.html, index.php’
    but haven’t had any joy

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  • There is a plugin that puts wordpress into maintance mode. Take a look here:

    thanks hakre will have a look

    Another way would be that you change the permalinks settings to PATHINFO. Information about it is available in the Codex, but i do not know how to configure wordpress to use that PATHINFO setting.

    hi Hakre,

    I had a look at the plugin you suggested, and it looks what I need but as the people I’m doing it for are design fascists (joke! but they will want their holding page looking elegant) I’m going have to figure how to alter the holding page, hopefully it’s just some css (there’s a small amount of things you can alter but got a feeling it leaves in the maker’s footer, which would be fine but as my clients would pick up on that!)

    Big thanks Hakre – got the plugin to work how I needed – went into the file and was able to alter the code to get a holding page looking how I needed

    now the work starts!

    thanks again

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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