Support » Plugin: Elementor Custom Skin » Holding Elementor Features Hostage is a $hitty way to try to get paid

  • Your plugin might be decent but it makes me super angry every time I try to add pagination to my post blocks. How dare you TAKE AWAY functionality from Elementor? That they just added no less. Ive been waiting for them to add proper ajax to that widget for years, and your stupid plugin would just take that away thinking that would actually make someone want to pay you? Super lame. Stand on your own added features.

    Added load time is insane too for anyone reading. Don’t mess with this plugin. There are other ones that add loops without being scammers. And its high time Elementor added custom loops and shut down plugins like this altogether.

    After ten years of using WordPress I added an account here just because of how infuriating this plugin is….

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