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  • When it comes to support on paid themes, the best thing is to post in the discussion thread for your theme (in this case Themeforrest).

    i need to know how to do this too!

    to scale down the width of a theme, you adjust it in style.css

    but it’s not always that simple….you may need to scale down the body to the desired width, then everything in it possibly, header, sidebar, content area, etc, so that everything fits within the new width

    What RVoodoo said. Some themes explicitly set widths for everything (body, header, content, sidebar,etc) in pixels.

    Some themes might set a width for body for example and then use % or em to size everything else based on the size of the body. This is much easier to scale as you just have to make adjustments to the main item such as body and then everything else uses a relative size.

    Hopefully the theme author(s) can point you in a more specific direction.

    how do I scale down the body? i am in style.css but do not see a width for body. thanks.

    @full Circle – I would try to contact the theme author(s) first. They can provide you with far more insight than we can. If it is a paid theme I would think the author would have no problem with helping you out.

    Theme is “Empty Canvas 1.0”

    I would try contacting Adrian Diaconescu at his website:

    He seems more than receptive to answer questions on his themes

    thanks you – i just sent him an email.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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