• i must say i dont like it at all…the whole interface is odd and looks really oldschool…it is very slow and it has so much bugs and really EVERYTHING must be handled by the developer itself…from scaling, archiving, debugging and so on…stuff which comes from Google Analytics totally for free and where we really NEVER had any problems or bugs…and the worst point: there is no support at all unless you pay thousands of euros per year….i dont understand the hype sorry…

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    Hello @mfivey. We’d like to inform you that the latest version of Matomo for WordPress has arrived, bringing with it enhanced compatibility with a wide range of other plugins and significantly fewer bugs. This update marks a significant step forward in providing users with a seamless experience, ensuring that Matomo integrates smoothly into WordPress environments while maintaining optimal performance and reliability. Whether you’re tracking analytics, monitoring user behavior, or enhancing your website’s performance, the improved compatibility and reduced bugs in Matomo for WordPress promise to streamline your workflow and elevate your website management experience. You’re always welcome to try it again to enjoy the benefits of this enhanced version and take your WordPress analytics to the next level.

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