• I would like to thank Hitshipo support team for their assistance in setting up the PostNord plugin to our WooCommerce webshop. They were quick in responding to my request and setting up the technical requirements. I warmly recommend them.

    Setting up the plugin can be complicated for those of us with no prior experience in shipping systems as there are many technical terms and so, but with some self initiation and great support from the team, you can set up the plugin and enjoy its benefits.

    One thing that can make the process easier that I feel is missing is a PDF or web-based documentation of all the fields and terms and their meanings with examples. Especially that many of us are from Sweden and we are used to the Swedish terms and words that PostNord uses. So a more consistent labeling system (for example for different services; REK Inrikes, Rek Extra, Värde, REK Utrikes, etc.). I believe that would make the work easier for the users and make them less dependent on the support team. So, my recommendation to the team is to have this assumption that the target users of this plugin are webshop managers/business owners who have no knowledge and experience of neither shipping nor technical aspects, and at the same time, they are starting a new online business, so they have an extremely heavy load of work and a long to-do list. Put yourself in their shoes and feel the level of stress they may experience, and try to make things as easy as possible for them and provide them a pleasing User Experience (UX).

    I am glad that we managed the plugin together. Thank you again Hitshipo! Continue with your great support!

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