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  • Ever since I upgraded the hitcounter plugin it’s been acting weird. For instance, when I look at the views there’s significantly more than when I look at the unique vistors. Now it seems like a glitch b/c the numbers to posts before the update have now doubled since the update. I’ve looked in save settings to see what happened, but there really isn’t much I can fix to get an accurate look at who’s visiting my site. Thanks.

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  • The latest update doesn’t make any changes to how the views are calculated. Just that the counter fires on the_post() rather than the_content() which was unreliable in previous versions.

    It detects for registered, non registered, and robots.
    For views it adds up registered and non registered to give total ‘human’ views.

    Does the counter increment by one when you visit a post?
    Are you saying that it now lists twice as many views per post than before the update?

    Yes, the views for a single post doesn’t match the overall unique vistors that visit my site. It seems like a glitch b/c it’s not consistent with the usual amount of views that I get for a single post.

    I think I’m just going to uninstall it because it’s giving me the wrong data and the owner of the program isn’t responding so yeah.

    So yeah, the owner of the program has a job that takes up a lot of his time.

    I did respond to you, but I was also waiting for any other reports from people because your descriptions of the problem aren’t clear and don’t go into any technical detail or what you’ve tested and how you’ve tested the results.

    Just saying the data is wrong doesn’t allow me to get to the root of the problem. It works on all my servers so how could I possibly understand your setup and troubleshoot it?

    Go through each of these scenarios and answer yes or no.

    1. When an unregistered user (not logged in) visits does it increment by one?
    2. When a registered user visits does it increment by one?
    3. When the author visits does it increment by one?
    4. Having checked “ignore author” and the author visits does it not increment?
    5. Setting ignore user-level does the count increment, or not, as dictated in the settings?

    Think very logically and go through each step.

    I also advise you make regular backups of your data so that it can be restored if required. Plugins are authored by enthusiasts – their coding standards are not monitored, and neither can a plugin author test on every server environment and WP setup. Problems shouldn’t arise in most scenarios but there will always be a problem that crops up. If you want help then you need to be willing to provide that data. And finally, I immediately helped you, even on Twitter I responded within 30 minutes. So yeah.

    Dude I’m not here for attitudes I’m new to all of this and just trying to get the best out of my blog. Before the update, I had normal visitors meaning about a 100 to 300 (at most) per post. Now I think it’s counting my visitors twice each time they return because now I’m getting over 500 visitors per post even with some of the filler posts. They don’t need to register for my blog so I don’t know if that’s what you meant by unregistered/registered users. I don’t see ignore user level in my settings. Do you mean “Logged in users with this or a higher capability will not be counted?” I run another plugin called Statistics which is pretty accurate and it doesn’t match the overall unique visitors as your plugin data. Now it’s driving me crazy because I don’t know if it’s your plugin or that statistics plugin that’s giving me the wrong data, but I know it’s one. My blog is only 2 months old (if that) so by now I can tell whether the volume of my visitors is increasing at a normal pace or not.

    OK, tell me this:

    when you visit one of your blog posts does the counter increase by one?

    Just for the registered user, but when unregistered users visit they triple.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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