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    Awesome plugin, but I am lost…

    I have been looking through the support but I cannot seem to find any help, so to me that suggests it is a problem caused by something I am doing.

    I cannot change the settings, I do not want the My History to show in the profile as a tab or in the top right profile drop down. Even though I tell them not to display, they stay there anyway. I tried installing MyCRED on another site with the same theme and plugins only to find that even if I do not touch any settings (by default they are hidden, yes?) they still show up!

    Secondly with My History, no values show. None for ‘today’, ‘recent’ or anything. Although, I think I have worked out what the problem is… It seems that whilst trying to view history there is text floating at the top of the page. So, could it be something to do with the CSS, or Buddypress template pack?

    Please visit Roobla to see what I mean, as I have created a quick page.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Thank you

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  • Plugin Author Gabriel


    Hi MFSAM.

    1) Even if you select not to show users points history in the profile, an administrator viewing that profile will still see the points history. The user will not but you as an admin will.

    2) Are you using the widgets to display users history or the mycred_history shortcode?

    Hi Gabriel,

    I appreciate your response!

    1) I have just checked this and my editors’ can still see it. Is it something to do with Capabilities? Due to the nature of the website, no public will be able to join, it is just for editors and contributors.

    2) I am using mycred_history shortcode. But the same thing happens on the My History Buddypress tab anyway.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Hey MFSAM.

    myCRED considers users with the capabilities set under myCRED > Settings > Core as admins, by default, those who can “update_options” or “edit_users” are considered “admins”. So if your Editor has any of these capabilities he will see it as well.

    Have you tried viewing a profile as a regular user with history not shown in profile?

    The mycred_shortcode shows a given users or if not set, the current logged in users history. if you are not logged in and you have not set to show a message for logged out users, the shortcode will return blank. Same goes for the widget. If we do not have a user id we can not know what to show.

    Hi Gariel,

    I cannot see a capability of “update_options” but I can see “manage_options”, although that is not selected. Neither is “edit_users”.

    I have just tried viewing as a regular user and it is still there.

    I understand that the shortcode will display blank, but I was logged in as myself so there should have been something showing. Annoyingly, on pages that should be displaying history, there is text just randomly stuck to the top of the website. But only on those pages. I think it is the text that should be displaying history on the page.

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Yeah sorry I meant “manage_options”.
    So on the myCRED > Settings page, in the “Security” row, you have “manage_options” in the “Edit Settings” field and “edit_users” in the “Edit Points” field?

    Can you contact me though the mycred website with login details for a regular user account on your site and links to pages where you experience the issues you mention?

    No problem. I sent it to the bug report part.

    Thank you!

    Oh and yes to the settings page question you asked!

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    The history not showing up was related to CSS styling that were applied to the tables, causing them to be displayed on the top of the page.

    Adjusted the logic used in the Buddypress add-on to better handle when “My Points History” menu is shown.

    In version 1.2 I will implement this new logic and include the option to change the url slug from the current default “mycred-history”.

    Dear Gabriel,

    I have the same problem and for various reasons I cannot update the mycred plugin (breaks other stuff on my site, probably because I can’t update WP either without getting error messages).
    Is there any way to hide the profile nav item for the history in Buddypress without updating? A small code change maybe?
    Thank you!



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    @kalesco: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

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