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  • ronhardestyphotos


    The GOOD: If you have worked with any DB before (access, SQL etc.) you can post and provide for posting and tagging large groups of images. That’s insane. That’s good. That’s Volume! Created by coders/programmers/analysts – Good!

    Now, I’ve only worked with the free version. If the Pro version has a different interface it should be shared with the free version Because the capability is CRIPPLED by the UX and would cause me to consider other products.

    The bad: (If above is true) The user interface. It SEEMS like the UX is created by the coders that aren’t photographers/website designers. IT IS CLUNKY without the imagination, creativity of the underlying product. I’m sure everyone is doing their best but I’ve seen breakthru’s in the storage and base of the system. But, doesn’t make its way to the end user. Just really clunky and actually gets in the way of designing hyper velocity web pages that COULD be created.

    So the mechanics are solid but, especially a beginner, Having this green blob in the middle of your gallery or having to plan, play, test and code around things is not efficient. Having to jump a bunch of hoops to get a single image to show on a web page in the left top corner isn’t expected even in the free product. I’m rambling…

    I’m hoping that they get actual photographers and web page designers to show them what they need AND THEN design the UX VS. the usual way of designing the UX AND THEN giving it to the users/testers..


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