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  • NOTE: This comment was originally posted here, but due to a suggestion I’ve posted it here as well.

    Blogging seems to be the method of choice for my family members scattered across the country to stay in touch. We’ve gotten used to reading eachothers lives on our blogs.

    Since we’re used to the format, and I’ve become somewhat of the de facto family historian I’d like to use the blogging format to talk about the lives of our ancestors. I’d like to create historical blogs.

    Let’s say we were related to John Adams (although we’re not). Most of his writings have already been digitized and dated, and are available as public domain on and other websites. I would love to compile his writings and post them on a blog that organizes his life by date. Although some readers might find it tedious, it leaves a good, searchable, record in a popular format. Eventually someone will notice.

    There’s a bit of a problem. I can’t date the blog posts back to the 1700s, 1800s or anything prior to the early 1970s. Is there a way to get wordpress to work around this? If we can trick the software into posting back to historical dates many of the lives of our historical figures could be more readable.

    What if you created a blog for the declaration of independence with each of the signers as a blog author? WOW wouldn’t that be neat to read?

    In any case, can someone help me trick the computer? The posts I’m working on are from the mid 1800’s and I’d rather not add 150 years to make them somewhat accurate.

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