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  • Hey all,

    We’re looking for someone who can help us pimp out our WordPress blogs with the latest plugins, etc.

    You should be very familiar with WordPress themes, plugins, etc. but need not be an actual hardcore PHP coder or even graphic designer.

    For more about us, checkout:

    A few of our WP blogs:

    A lot of the tasks we need help with our not that complicated but demand a willingness to just get things done. (with 24 blogs, that’s a lot of themes to edit…)

    This would be about 25 hours per month, at $10 per hour or so.

    Please send inquiries to:
    shantibraford (at) gmail



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  • lol

    10$/hr ?

    Goooood Luck

    There is an old saying that seems to fit the occasion: You get what you pay for.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t most coders/designers charge from 2 to four times that amount?

    yes marc its true … i think coders take like minimum 25$/hr .

    But with all my respect to the people i will mention …

    i’m sure he will find someone from India to code what he want for this price 🙂

    Yep, probably offshore is the way this stuff will happen. I charge $45 an hour WITHOUT having to tweak code (in other words, just for look-and-feel – code is extra….)

    I got your other post now, Marc (in the splogreporter thread that is). I was confused…. (not unusual – this was a MAJOR senior AND blonde day…. *sigh*)

    [[Oh yeah, sometimes people do manage to actually use a perfectly perfect descriptive word: in this case, “pimp” would be the one….]]


    If you actually read the post you’d see I’m not looking for an actual PHP coder or full-fledged web designer.



    Who here paid for their WordPress download?

    Come on guys, ‘Tis The Season…

    “A lot of the tasks we need help with our not that complicated but demand a willingness to just get things done. (with 24 blogs, that’s a lot of themes to edit…)”

    Mmm…I guess they all just got confused at the last part of this sentence or something maybe…lmao!!


    P.S. Unless that part was referring to “adding plugins” to it and such, instead of editing themes for a better a look…?

    All we’re looking for is a college intern, heck, a High-School student, to copy and paste basic HTML (i.e. adding plugins) into each of the themes.

    Beats working at McDonald’s, but hey.. maybe this was the wrong forum to post this in.

    i ll do it if u add my link 2 all the pages that i edit lol

    i see alot of page rank > 5-6 🙂

    To the OP, your price will attract someone willing to do the job, no doubt. But since this is the holiday season, the spirit of giving notwithstanding, quite a number of people are busy with family and other seasonal obligations. I’ve had to turn down lucrative paying work simply because I have other obligations which cannot be met at any other time of the year (family coming in, preparations to make, etc.).

    Good luck to you!

    chaaban – haha, sure, no problem. =)
    we also have a pagerank 8 over at

    i’m talking to about 3-4 people now so I’m sure we’ll eventually find someone. if not, no biggie.

    we’d love to pay $20-30 / hr. for someone kick ass but we’re doing this as a side gig anyway and only have < $1k per mo. coming in as it stands. (this will be 25% of our budget!)

    besides, not many hardcore PHP coders (like myself) enjoy cut & pasting code into wordpress templates. but maybe someone new to HTML / WordPress could really benefit from the experience.

    Good luck and maybe just start a new thread, keep your price offer private until you get an email from a candidate. Half the time when someone mentions being willing to pay everyone says “just read the codex and do it yourself, no need to pay”, other times people freely give assistance, yet someone offers $ and people scoff at it. For all the open-source ethos, we ought to tolerate all levels of activity around it, from amateur/personal to moderate to professional scenarios.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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