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    I need to hire someone to convert existing site into wordpress it’s not something I want to do on my own. I know it’s not done manually.
    Site has 1 main page, 1 add/edit admin panel page, 16 category pages, And approximately 34.250 individual pages/posts. Hosted with hostgator. I don’t wish to post name of site on forum. Please leave contact info or pm me if capable of doing project and within reason as to cost. If you know of someone capable, please reply. So far I’ve dealt with incompetent people and some that want thousands of dollars. Tired of looking through the trash to find somebody worthwhile.

    Thank You,
    Signed Jaded

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  • Not that I’m a moderator or anything, but….

    All offers for paid jobs should be posted at and as Senff stated above offering to pay is frowned upon on these forums, so epxect this thread to be closed soon. 🙂

    Before it does, just a quick word of advice… With a project that sounds that big (by the sheer number of pages that you want converted) it’s not going to be a $50 job. At least not if it’s done by someone competant. It’s like building a house. You can go with the cheapest option and get the cheapest work, or you can pay for, and get, a higher quality result.

    Kind of confusing when forum area was hiring someone. Oh well point well taken, Just signed up today. Moved post into correct area.
    Thank You,

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