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  • Hi,

    Long story short,i have a wordpress website, i`ve 100 embed videos on it.
    I changed the Title Post and the permalink manually in my wordpress and it works for example :

    Title Post : New WordPress user Video ( video being my added keyword )

    I want now to add extra keywords to the Titles and change permalinks like above but in BULK, not manually, takes a lot of time for 100 videos and for the future videos i will embed.Is exporting data base, modify in excel a method? If yes how do i do it.What are the exact steps to do that,add new excel column etc? Or is there a plugin for me to do that?

    Thank you so much

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    Exporting into a different format, then altering and importing back is in theory a possible approach, but converting back and forth is often fraught with problems. Data tends to get corrupted in the transitions.

    Ideally, the data would be updated in the DB directly via PHP and SQL code. The big question then is how is this code supposed to know what to change? Depending on how you want to change things, defining what to change can be almost as much work as manually updating each post. Or it might be relatively simple if a few logical rules could then be applied to every post.

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