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  • Hi Guys
    I am working on l10n of WP for Hindi. I am running across an issue on the rendering of Calendar on the blog’s index page. I guess the present logic is to pick the first letter of Days like S for Sunday. IMHO this would fail for languages like Hindi which are based on double byte characters. I guess if we can have something like Sun, Mon, Tues, or even for that matter S, M, T, W in the .pot file these can be transtlated to corresponding names in the target language.
    Thanks and keep up the good work. I will upload hi.po once it is finished.

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  • Forgot, You can check the partial Hindi WP at

    Wow, that is really cool.

    sweet 🙂

    how do u learn to speak such funky hindi! 😀
    my hindi is corrupt with english words… 😛

    I dunno how I started writing and speaking like this. Must have picked up from BayArea( since there are so much native Hindi speakers around 😀
    BTW no one replied back to my original post.

    Me Again
    It would be great if someone can make get_calendar function in template-functions-general.php i18n. Then I can work my l10n magic on it. Think think this is the relavant code

    echo '<table id="wp-calendar">
    <caption>' . $month[zeroise($thismonth, 2)] . ' ' . date('Y', $unixmonth) . '</caption>
    foreach ($weekday as $wd) {
    echo "\n\t\t<th abbr=\"$wd\" scope=\"col\" title=\"$wd\">" . substr($wd, 0, $daylength) . '</th>';
    echo '

    It would be great if this could be done before 1.2 beta is out. Which I think might be any time now 😀

    pankaj, maybe you can try posting this in the new i18n l10n thread that rboren created to get the devs’ attention.
    I think it’s a valiant effort, but some of the compound letters appear broken in my browser. Must be a browser problem though, I guess.

    Pankaj, that code takes the first letter from the day names. What would be the l10n equivilent?

    This is anjan. You have to teachme poedit itself. I can’t see those translated charcters correctly. What to do. Couldn’t find utf-8 or hindi or devnagri option.Where to look for.

    I have taken this to the following thread as suggested

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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