Highslide: image order wrong

  • I’m using Highslide to display the images, but for some reason, it’s not cycling through the images in the order I have set in Nextgen preferences.

    I have the ‘default sorting method’ set to Image ID, Descending. But Highslide is not displaying them in that order.

    What can I do about this? Thanks for any help.


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  • Plugin Author photocrati


    @jamminjames – Have you tried clearing the image cache under Gallery > Other Options > Miscellaneous?

    You may also need to verify the sort order is being used in the gallery by checking under the Sort/Exclude panel of the Insert Gallery Window (IGW, aka green button) … just click on the preview image to re-open it for the gallery display.

    – Cais.

    Cleared that cache and checked the IGW, same result. Cleared the browser cache before I tried it.

    Upon closer inspection, I’m noticing that for the most part, it seems to be skipping the image after the one I click on. So, for example, if I click on the 2nd image, and hit the right arrow to go to the next image, it goes directly to the 4th image, then goes in order from there.

    However, in certain instances, it does something different, like goes to the one before it first. Odd.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @jamminjames – This may be something specifically in the Highslide library we include (mostly as a convenience) based on the description of it “skipping” an image, especially if the order is correctly maintained afterward.

    – Cais.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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