• Shamser Suzon


    With such features, there are some other plugins but this is most probably the best I have ever found in WP market. It has some very special option which is very useful and not available in other plugins for such type of needs. Highly recommended!

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  • caspersgrin


    I would generally agree with shamser_suzon’s evaluation except that I have the most recent version of the WP User Frontend plugin installed on my WP 5.0.3 site and it fails to work at all. I contacted the publisher directly with as detailed a description of the failure as possible. The next day I got back a message saying that the developers had identified the problem as a Gutenberg compatibility issue (which seems strange as WPUF version 3.0.2 is supposedly tested up to WP 5.0.3). They said that a fix would be forthcoming. And since having a frontend is critical for my bloggers, I asked about an estimated time frame. That email was met with deafening silence. So now I’m looking at the plugin User Submitted Posts. It’s not nearly as full featured as WPUF, but it’s a far superior plugin in that it works as advertised.
    ~ Rob



    Hello @shamser_suzon,

    Thanks for your review. We feel honored to know that you loved our plugin.

    And @caspersgrin, I would like to inform you that, Gutenberg Compatibility issue has been fixed already. You can test the fix from the GitHub version.


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