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  • It is extremely rare that I ever post on these ratings or even forums in general. At least, that has been the historical norm but likely changing soon.

    Still, I deeply believe in general goodwill to others, a great deal of what I think has made the WordPress community and similar communities so wonderful. So, I felt compelled to put up a very serious warning to others in regards to this plugin and others by VideoWhisper.

    I vet many areas and today I found myself vetting the video integration options for WordPress. I tend to go pretty deep because I feel it is best to spend far more time on the selection process versus all the lost time on retracking on a poor/quick choice.

    In looking at the reviews of this plugin and other plugins by VideoWhisper, I became suspicious of all the 5 star reviews. I am not saying they are all false, but many of them simply look like fake accounts created to pad the rating results. Do not take my word on it, you can look at when a number of these “members” were created and the activity of what they did. Some were created literally on the same day of the ratings, provided 5 star ratings to a few of the various Whisper plugins, and then never did anything more again.

    I have zero knowledge in reference to the developer(s) behind VideoWhisper and I certainly have no ill will toward them at all. If I am wrong, then I apologize. But, it does not take much digging around to say that it really appears that something is likely fishy behind a lot of these 5 star ratings.


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