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Highly recommended

  • I’ve been under attack for a number of weeks and I’ve strengthened my security using IP blocks, using a login limiter, and changing my admin username and pass to make it more difficult. I’ve installed this plugin and it works flawlessly with loging limit and picatcha. I will report on results of number of attacks.

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  • Plugin Author Ella


    That’s cool 🙂 Limit Login Attempts is a cool plugin to count the attacks.
    On a site where we had 100s of attacks daily, we now have, let me count…, 0 attacks in the last month.

    Plugin Author Ella


    And I don’t think you need to do anything else really. With this plugin, and maybe Limit Login Attempts added, it’s probably enough. But have a good password and username 🙂

    Hey Avryl,

    Love to get your settings for Limit Logins…will email you for details.


    Actually, I couldn’t find your email address in your profile…any other way that I can get a hold of you.

    Plugin Author Ella


    Well just set 2 allowed retries, really long lockouts and check Log IP.
    I don’t really like to put my email here, but you can ask me anything on the forum.


    I don’t understand this function though in Limit Login:

    hours until retries are reset

    What does this option do?

    Plugin Author Ella


    Every time you enter a wrong password, +1 is added to the retries for that IP. After how many hours does this need to be reset to 0?

    Thanks…I’ll keep you posted on results…can’t wait to see what happens. 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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