• I am extremely disappointed with this software. I paid to use it for years and ignored the many bugs, but recently they did an “update” and I could no longer process payments. After days of tech support and not being able to accept payments, when I got it to work, they did another update and once again I was no longer able to accept payments.  When you create an invoice, the default state is paid, so if you save without going thru the step of marking it unpaid, it will save as paid and then you have to delete it and start over > highly aggravating. If you export your data, the import format is completely different from the export file, so it is complicated to move information without understanding SQL.  STAY AWAY FROM THIS SOFTWARE!!! I have a whole list of bugs. You don’t want all of these hassles when it comes to handling your money.

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    Hi @kasnola

    Thank you for sharing your experience with Sprout Invoices. I’m sorry to hear about the frustrations you’ve encountered, especially when it affects something as critical as payment processing and data management. I understand how disruptive this must be for your business, and I appreciate your patience as we work to improve our software.

    Regarding the payment processing issues, I’m really sorry that our updates caused problems with your workflow. We aim to make our software reliable and user-friendly, but it’s clear from your experience that we’ve fallen short. If you’re still experiencing these issues, please let us know immediately so we can prioritize your case and get things working as they should.

    The issue with export/import format inconsistency is something we’ve been addressing. Data compatibility is crucial, especially when users need to move their information between platforms. I’m sorry for the trouble this caused you, and I’ll make sure our team investigates this further to prevent future problems.

    The problem with invoices defaulting to ‘paid’ sounds particularly concerning. I can see how this could create confusion and extra work. I’ll bring this to our development team’s attention to ensure we address it in a future update. Meanwhile, we’d like to work with you to find a workaround that minimizes the inconvenience.

    We’d like to make this right for you. If you’re willing, we’d like to offer a dedicated support specialist to work with you until all issues are resolved. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve, and we don’t want you to leave on such a negative note. Could we reach out to you directly to set this up?

    Again, I’m truly sorry for the negative experience. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to improve, and I hope we can earn back your trust.

    Best regards,
    Brandon C
    Sprout Invoices Support Team

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    I rebuilt the site because of this and the new site wasn’t ready yet, so I would be glad to try to work this out after I finish the new site. I reverted back to my old site and then installed Slice, but I don’t like it because it forces each client to be a new WP user

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    We definitely apologize for the inconvenience @kasnola but if you could reach back out to our support channel our dedicated Sprout Invoices specialists will do all they can to assist you. I’ll give them the heads up to look out of your ticket and prioritize it.

    I really hope we can resolve these issues for you and earn your five star review. Thank you!

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