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  • One of the most feature-rich, customizable, user-friendly, quality-coded themes out there, free and premium.
    It’s got many, many customization options: for colours, text styling, post formatting and display, social media, special home page, custom CSS and JS code.

    You would get more options that you would use and it can be fully customized right from the backend and without typing any code (if you don’t want to, cause you don’t have to).

    Puts premium (commercial) themes to shame and sets new criteria for premium (quality) theming.

    The only drawback I can think of is that, currently at least, it’s not easy to set a logo for the site! Totally paradoxical considering the generous supply of settings and the attention paid to possible user demands!
    But under the current configuration images inserted in the header are forced to comply with a certain width/height ratio and take up the whole of the header area.
    One can TYPE a logo (site title and description) and the theme provides all settings for customizing the look of that header text, but
    the team should really put this kind of astonishing lack behind them.

    Also, the Slider in the presentation page leaves a few things to be desired, doesn’t look as compelling really; I would much rather opt for a showcase display of posts per category.

    I would also like to see some more widget positions, like content-top, content-bottom (above and below the content area, but underneath the header) and some compartmentalization of the header, to make it as customizable as the footer.

    The theme is such a breath of fresh air in the WP-theme universe (especially considering it’s free) that the above remarks cannot really take anything away from it.

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