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  • This FREE Forum plugin, as of 3/8/2019 has 20,000+ active installations, and their Support Forum has 5900 Members.

    I’m glad I read the wpForo reviews here at WordPress, with low-star ratings, and then decided to try to find out for myself if I can figure out how to use this wpForo Forum plugin.

    Why? I noticed how hard the plugin creators were trying to assist those users needing help or clarification here at WordPress. (And I know how that feels when something good you worked so hard for is misjudged) Then I also checked out their Support Website. Their generosity with their Tech Knowledge is amazing!

    As my own personal experiment, I didn’t ask the plugin creators ANY questions in the beginning and just depended on their provided Documentation here

    I’ve been using wpForo now for nine months. I joined their Forum too 3 months into using wpForo.

    And right now, I will rate them 100 stars if I could. 🙂 I’m not going to repeat the PlugIn’s Features, what I can say is – they write / speak the Truth in promoting their plugin. They did a fantastic job building this plugin! They are also very forthcoming about their plugin’s capabilities and limitations.

    “Truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” and I forgot who exactly said that. 🙂

    I have used four other famous “standalone” forums, and out of sheer frustration with customizations (or the lack of the ability to customize) plugin theme conflicts, (or other standalone forums’ spammer-friendliness), I started looking for a New Platform nine months ago, that can seamlessly work with WordPress. I found wpForo, And as a “plugin” – it just plain works with WordPress!

    wpForo is user friendly, SEO friendly, GDPR compliant, Mobile Responsive, and a whole lot more!

    Realistically, like with anything else, there is a learning curve, but if you can read, and follow instructions with screenshots, (and be patient with yourself as you are learning something new) you can set your own wpForo forum in no time!!

    And if after reading their documentation you still have questions, you can also check out the “Community” forum at their website, and you can see the Forum in action. You might even find some of my posts there, too (sharing tips I’ve learned along the way).

    I was able to set up my FREE wpForo Forum just using their Documentation, and also using the robust “search box” in their website forum, since newbie questions have all been asked before, and it is in that forum that you can see the amazing Customer Service support that the plugin creators give, and the way the Community Members also help each other.

    Some say “thank you” and some don’t. Some “would even argue with their own limitations”, but it’s not wpForo issue, it’s just a personal user’s reality that “they haven’t understood or learned how to use the software YET”, and if only they READ documentation, try and apply, they will understand it better and then the FREE forum will work for them too as they get to learn how the Forum works! And maybe they can help others as well. If one puts the exact step by step in print, then others searching for the “How Tos” will find those answers someday.

    wpForo works great out of the box! The Customer Support – well it’s actually FREE Member Support (since the Forum is FREE) and the plugin creators’ generosity, tenacity and patience in HELPING the FREE Plugin Users can CLEARLY be seen in their Community Forum over at their website. Go check it out.

    I wish all plugin developers are as helpful and responsive as they are. They are maintaining this plugin great and are very prompt in answering any issues that may arise – especially if one also visit their forum in their website and see the kind of positive, helpful support they give to any inquiries or issues. Just ask nicely. 🙂

    Good luck on your Forum Search, – I hope your Forum Search ends now as you decide to try and use wpForo!

    Thank you to wpForo, and the gVectors Team, and to WordPress and God bless planet earth!

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  • Plugin Author gVectors Team


    Thank you very much for this impressive review @crisw2018!
    We’re really appreciate such a deep understanding of our hard work and the plugin support we do. Thank you for choosing wpForo, for detailed learning the documentation, for using it and for helping our users in wpForo Community. This kind of reviews always encourage us to work harder and keep improving wpForo as much as possible.

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    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    @crisw2018 Thanks for the great review but please leave the links out next time. That’s been abused in the past and I have removed the links in your review.

    Thread Starter CrisW


    Hi @jdembowski . My sincerest apologies for the links that I had in my wpForo review to the wpForo plugin website. I didn’t know that I could not do that. So now I know. I’m sorry. 🙂

    No worries, I will leave links out going forward if I am to give other reviews in the future. Thanks and God bless you! 🙂

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    It’s a good review. But links. The bad people ruin it for the good. 😉

    Thread Starter CrisW


    Hi @gvectors-team You’re most welcome and I hope you continue to provide and support this plug-in for many many years to come.

    In my opinion, you have really helped people and WordPress Users with your FREE plugin to help empower them to build their own communities around their faith, their business, their hobbies or their brands.

    It’s encouraging to the point that I even started to dabble on WordPress translations because I also wanted to build another forum in the other languages that I know how to translate and speak and am fluent in.

    So your efforts at providing all that wpForo for FREE has a positive spillover effect on people who can discern and see. Others have eyes but cannot see. Lots of possibilities to do good.

    So just remember that your value does not diminish because of other people’s incapacity to see your worth. You and your team are doing great work that it can move people like me to create this WP account so I can leave you guys an honest to goodness and from the heart review.

    I want to document as much as I know, because we all need to pass all that knowledge and experiences along. I’ll end with this from an article I read somewhere:

    “We accumulate fans, followers, subscribers, and visitors to websites as if those are worthwhile metrics to measure the quality of our lives. We compare our lives to the highlight reels of everyone else’s, prioritizing attention over connection, and vanity over value. But the only metric that’s worth measuring your life with is time well spent.”

    Helping other people is always, in God’s eyes, time well spent. God bless wpForo and gVectors and WordPress and all of us on planet earth! (Sorry, a part 2 of my review!) 🙂

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