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  • Hi WP community,

    I am about to build my website and want to use word press to run and manage it. Before I really dive into it, I have specific features that are mandatory to the concept of my site. I am hoping there are some great suggestions to set me on the correct path.

    First off, I would need the plug-in or hack to be fully customizable in terms of design and styling. The calendar design should be able to be modified EXACTLY to the style of my site. The form used to submit events to the calendar should be FRONT END (I do not want my visitors to see the dashboard at all).

    So here’s a check list to get a better idea of what I am doing:

    – Create a calendar that users/visitors can add events to from the front end.

    – Form should have fields that can correspond to standard calendar details (i.e. date, time, description, location, maybe add pictures?)

    – I want to be able to share events individually through social media platforms. Give people the ability to click and share what they see on the calendar.

    – Comments are integrated into each event submitted. Not sure which system I’m using yet, but I might use Facebook, Disqus, Livefyre, or something along those lines.

    – A liking and disliking system for each event submitted. Would like to show how many times it was liked or disliked.

    – I will have a little side section or columns that will display – for instance – “5 events” for today’s current date only to show on my homepage. In addition, a related column that will suggest events when you are viewing an event. BASICALLY, I want to be able to create widgets or sub sections that can display specific events.

    Please any help would be more than appreciated! I realize that it might require a combination of plug-ins with hacks on top, and I am willing to go to the lengths to accomplish what I need. Point me in the right direction, and I’m there. I have fairly decent web development skills and can – for the most part – understand web jargon.


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