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  • I had expected the worst when I started looking for a simple, customisable weather widget, but this plugin immediately made me feel at ease. It is just what I was looking for – thank you so much, Zack!

    The plugin does not provide a settings page, because it does not need one. That is great news in my world. The code is well documented and the output highly customisable with filters (hip hip hooray!) and even templates (for those who rather would like to copy a template file over to a theme and edit it there instead of messing with WordPress filters).

    With this plugin I set up a customised weather widget in less than 30 minutes, and that included reading instructions on templating. Turned out I didn’t even use a template or filter, I just added some minor tweaks via CSS as the default “current” template looked already great.

    The widget comes with branding which I think is fair. The API service provider apparently does not try to sell any services through the plugin. They don’t even have you register your own API key, but ship a global one with the plugin instead. So I gladly kept the (very modest) branding, just added a minor adjustment of CSS positioning.

    Finally, it may be worth noting the API worked like a charm outside of America. The location I entered was a teeny-tiny town in east Germany, but the API had not the slightest issue fetching its data immediately. Bravo!

    I recommend this plugin if you are looking for a well performing, well documented, well translated weather widget with a variety of useful default templates and great resources for customisation.

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