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  • Hello.

    I don’t know if i post it in the right section of the forums.

    The home page of the website i’m working on, displays all the thumbnails of my eshop products.

    Products are ordered in categories (products are on pages so i use a plugin:Ninja Page Categories and Tags)

    I can use shortcodes so show only the products in a certain category

    My aim is to “simply” hide (or set the opacity to 25%) the thumbnails that are not in the selected category. All that animating the fade of the opacity… not so simple for me…

    Does anyone have an idea how to achieve it?
    I have no experience with javascript. It might be what i need to achieve what I need to do…

    thanks for your infos.

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  • If you don’t care about supporting older browsers you can use newer CSS atts

    I don’t know what sort of classes or wrappers your products have attached to them, but hopefully you can get away with setting that opacity property on just one selector.

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