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  • I am extremely pleased. Your help and recommendations thus far have been spot-on. I am on the cusp of having everything working beautifully. The final hurdle has to do with HighCharts. I did everything as instructed to correctly install the API and turn it “on”. I have no error messages. Now, I just don’t know what to do or where to go to see or configure any charts. Can you tell me where I should be looking?


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  • Also, whenever I click on the “pie” icon that should reveal OTHER USER’S PREDICTIONS, I get the “404 Error: Not Found” message even though I have other user’s predictions for those games. Any idea what might be wrong there? If I can get that working, my need for the Charts may be less important.

    Plugin Author AntoineH


    There are a couple of places where the charts are used:

    • when you click on the little pie icon in the prediction table to see other users predictions (works for match info and questions to bonus questions),
    • when you click on the end score of a match in the matches table to view the match statistics (same page as bullet 1), or
    • when you click on a user’s name somewhere in the pool and then the statistics icon on the user’s page.

    On the user’s page (bullet 3) you can choose to compare to other users. Make sure you activate the ‘user selector’ widget in your blog. This widget shows a list of users on the compare page (and only there) where you can select the other users.

    p.s. widget is needed in v2.3.8, next version will have this function incorporated in the page. So no need for the widget from this version and up.

    Plugin Author AntoineH


    It’s hard to tell why you get a 404. What is the link that is used for the pie icon? And is there a page called “charts” in your Pages Admin screen?

    I do not have any pages that were automatically created (e.g. a “charts” page or “statistics” page). I may have had these pages at one time, but when I disabled and deleted the plugin at one time to try to fix things I may have deleted them. They must not have come back when I reinstalled the plugin.

    My pie icons on the prediction table are looking for pages like: “”, etc. which were yielding the 404 Errors until I just manually created a page called “statistics”. Now the link will go there, but there is nothing on the page. I don’t know what was supposed to be on that page. I also added a “charts” page. There is nothing on it either.

    I activated the “User Selector” widget as you suggested. It lists the users alright, but when I click on each of them, the links lead me to a 404 Errors looking for pages like: “”, etc.

    Plugin Author AntoineH


    The plugin works with page ID’s for the content pages. So if you create a new page with the same ‘slug’ as the old page, then it will navigate you to that page, but the code won’t know that it should add some content to that page as the new page will get a different page ID in the database.

    See the following post for an answer on how to fix it manually:

    Hello Antoine,
    I have been CAREFULLY poking around in my phpMyAdmin Databases and also the File Manager of my cPanel. I have been looking for a database that contains something like: s:12:”page_id_pool”;i:1281; but I have had no luck. Will you look at Screenshot #4 & #5 to see if I am looking in the right place? Perhaps you can steer me from there.

    Plugin Author AntoineH


    You have to look in the options table of WordPress. Sorry, I see my link should be pointing to one post earlier in the thread.

    To make it easy for you: here’s the query to get the right record from the database.

    SELECT * FROM KAO_options
    WHERE option_name = 'footballpool_plugin_options'

    Great News! I followed an earlier recommendation you made. First, I carefully saved my Football Pool tables. Then, I inactivated, uninstalled and reinstalled the Football Pool plugin. After reinstalling my saved data files, I am pleased to report that HighCharts is performing very well. There are just two remaining “tweeks”:

    1. Legends – I would like to change the legend titles on the charts. For example, I would like to change “goal difference points” to “point spread” and “toto score” to “actual score”. I have unsuccessfully searched the edit plugin files to try to find where to make the change. Do I need to be looking somewhere else?
    2. Layout – I need to adjust the layout of my charts and graphs. Apparently, the layout is browser dependent. I am wondering where I can go to make “adjustments” to the layout. Using Firefox, some of my charts are bleeding off the right side of the page [see ScreenShot #6]. Using Safari, some of the charts overlap each other vertically on the page [see ScreenShot #7].

    Thank you for your patience.

    Plugin Author AntoineH


    The best approach to changing texts in the plugin (IMHO) is by making a custom translation. Download the tool Poedit (or another gettext editor) and open the .po file with your language code from the /football-pool/languages folder. Edit the texts you want to change and save the file in a ‘football-pool‘ directory under the WP_LANG_DIR directory (usually /wp-content/languages, if I remember correctly). From this .po file you will have to create a .mo file as well (Poedit can do this for you).
    The big advantage of this approach is that when you upgrade the plugin, your changes won’t be lost.

    If you don’t want to make your own language file, then search for the exact text (or a fragment) in the PHP files. Use a text editor that can search entire (sub)directories, e.g. notepad++. If the text is shown somewhere, it definitely is somewhere in the PHP files.

    The layout of the plugin can be changed via CSS. It appears that the float of the charts is not correctly ‘ended’ (clear:both) in Safari. I am no CSS guru and I don’t have Safari, so I can’t help you with that. You will have to search for a solution for Safari online or with the help of someone with knowledge on the subject.

    My guess for the bleeding on the right side is that the default width of the charts is too wide. You can change this in CSS as well.

    Determine the ID of the DIV where the chart is, e.g. chart3, and add this to your theme’s CSS:
    #chart3 { width: 400px!important; }

    Next version will have a cleaner way of changing the width (the !important is kinda ugly).

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