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    Im going to be starting up a multisite that Im planning ahead and preparing for high traffic as well as high userloads…. I am a member over at wpmu so I have access to multidb but I was curious… would hyperdb be better?

    My understanding is multidb, splits the various info up between diffrent databases but a table is still a table and cant be split

    HyperDB splits up tables I believe over diffrent servers? Correct me if Im wrong… but which would be more efficient and offer the most gain?

    Also if Hyperdb how easily can it be installed after the site is up and running, I mean if I plan to add SQL dbs later but after the userload warrents it. in multidbs case its not an issue as it hosts them all on 1 server but if multidb requires multiple servers then Id rather keep costs down till I need more.

    Sorry if I didnt understand the fundamentals of whats goin on but all this does get a bit confusing on the pros and cons of everything and such… and Id like to hear from somoene who knows the real benefits behind these various options.


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  • HyperDB CAN split tables between multiple servers, however that’s usually not needed.

    A better use of Hyper DB is to allow you to separate the servers that are used for reading information and those that are used for the much slower process of writing information.

    Over the last year+, my concept of what a large site is has changed. I thought a network I worked with with 12K sites was huge and I’d have to shard it into 12 different databases at least.

    That’s just not the case. I later started working on a network with 200K sites and their 8 tables per site (cue Dr. Evil dramatic music 1.6 MILLION tables). That one was starting to get big, but still fine out of a single database on their beefy DB server.

    The biggest thing that I learned in this time is that it is good to plan ahead for scaling and ask the questions and know how to do it, however, it is a better idea to scale when you are driven by the need to do so. That keeps your architecture simple, and therefore fast and streamlined.

    So, yes investigate these things and LEARN, but don’t act until you are driven to or you will be wasting money, effort and you may even forget how to best use what you have in place by the time you need it.

    Oh and use Amazon AWS as much of what you will need to prepare for manually is just a gimme from Amazon.

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    Also look into shardb that splits up the db into multiples.

    But as Brian said – one beefy db box can handle way more than you think it can.

    ok, thank you… atm Im on knownhost… they seem to have a good reputation so hopefully as I upgrade through their accounts to an eventual dedicated it will be ‘beefy’ enough hehe

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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