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  • Hi Volks,
    does beside of me somebody else has that problem?
    I use for ~6 WordPress Installs a Dedicated Server Solution from Hostgator and i never had problems with it. They were up and running fine.
    Yesterday i made the Update from 3.5 to 3.5.1 because i do normally keep everything up to date.

    But here i get now an extreme high server load. It seems to have started ~5-6 hours after i made the updates. Somehow on the server are now lots of processes started what can’t be ended the right way and get stuck.
    I don’t know if you guy tells this something: Load Averages: 19.28 35.18 38.12 with peaks up to 50.XX <– These Values before were more like Load Averages: 0.28 0.18 0.12 — So really small, because there were never THAT much traffic on the sites.

    Hostgator told me that it wouldn’t be a server misconfiguration, bad for me, i have to believe them, because i know nearly nothing about it.

    Maybe someone else has an idea how to fix that, because at the moment the Websites are nearly unable to reach.

    Kind regards

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  • 1st Step: I tried to use W3 Total Cache, this one just spammed me Red Header messages that a lot of things wouldn’t be function. Kicked it and swiched to “Quick Cache” Server Load was slightly lowered. Load Averages around: 12.28 25.18 25.12 — Still much too high. Sites could be opened already, but with long load times.

    2nd Step: I have made an Downgrade to an modified 3.5 (had the post.php changed that the scheduled postings are running normally) + Quick Cache still running: Load Averages down to: 0.07 0.15 0.88

    Sites are again running really smooth as they did before.

    I had already a lot (10-12 Plugins running) and i checked only if there were a change in the Load averages yesterday by turning everything off. but that didn’t help.

    And now after the downgrade back to 3.5 and it is running seems to me as a sign that the 3.5.1 HAS a problem somehow. Where, i can’t tell.

    no wordpress does not has problem . the high process are due to caching plugins . they usually take a lot when creating a cache and during that time site load times generally go very high . You can do one thing first deactivate all cache plugins and then upgrade it will work as smooth as before and then manually activate them one by one after few time for them to refresh the new cache . Hope you got

    Uhm, i didn’t had a Caching Plugin before at all!

    I only installed it AFTER Hostgatr told me that this could help to get the Serverload again back to normal.

    And i did deactivate ALL Plugins in ALL WordPress Installs after i made a hard reset of the server. And i did a second hard reset afterwards.
    The server load climbed in minutes back to max with dozens of [php] <defunct> processes and two to three other really huge ones.

    I activated ALL Plugins + the new Baching Plugin, took my old 3.5 WP, renamed the wp-config.php to _wp-config.php and uploaded the whole plain WP over the old one (3.5 OVER 3.5.1) – I made a new Hardreset and till now the server is completely fine.

    So you really want to say it has nothing to do with 3.5.1?
    Sorry, but i mist disagree.

    Timeline without Timestamps πŸ˜‰
    1. WP Update from 3.5 to 3.5.1
    2. Serverload gets gigantic!
    3. Deactivated ALL Plugins
    4. Went to hostgator, tried to kill processes, just popped up again. Did two Forceful Restarts. Nothing Changed. Still gigantic Serverload.
    5. Hostgator checked the Server, everything seemed to be fine, sugestion to get an Cache Plugin.
    6. Cache Plugin uploaded. Nothing changed. Forceful reset after an hour. Still gigantiv load.
    7. WP Downgrade from 3.5.1 to 3.5 by just uploading the original install Data from the old WP 3.5 with a modified post.php (to get Scheduled Postings back to work)
    8. Forceful Serverreset.
    9. Till now, Serverload back to normal!

    might be ….i suggested only that could have happened .

    Okay, there seems to be more with it than i tought. The Serverload is back up on very high and i am back at the Support Chat of Hostgator. *sigh*

    So, I transfered the Domain to an other Server and the Domain is running totally fine! (By the way. Both Servers are running now fine o.O

    But yes, the Domain spams really much error Messages after i had activated the debug in the wp-config.php

    Just in less than One SECOND there were 52 Messages and 25 Seconds later came the next bunch of 30 Messages. So the debug_log.txt gets filled like hell. But mostly with messages i don’t even get what he wants from me. I checked the Template, there is none of the functions to found:

    [28-Jan-2013 01:54:27] PHP Notice:  register_sidebar_widget ist seit Version 2.8 <strong>veraltet</strong>! Benutze stattdessen wp_register_sidebar_widget(). in /home/USERNAME/public_html/DOMAIN.COM/wp-includes/functions.php on line 2824
    [28-Jan-2013 01:54:27] PHP Notice:  js_escape ist seit Version 2.8 <strong>veraltet</strong>! Benutze stattdessen esc_js(). in /home/USERNAME/public_html/DOMAIN.COM/wp-includes/functions.php on line 2824
    [28-Jan-2013 01:54:27] PHP Notice:  __ngettext ist seit Version 2.8 <strong>veraltet</strong>! Benutze stattdessen _n(). in /home/USERNAME/public_html/DOMAIN.COM/wp-includes/functions.php on line 2824
    [28-Jan-2013 01:54:27] PHP Notice:  clean_url ist seit Version 3.0 <strong>veraltet</strong>! Benutze stattdessen esc_url(). in /home/USERNAME/public_html/DOMAIN.COM/wp-includes/functions.php on line 2824

    Example the Sidebar Widget, it is called with:
    <div id="rightnav"><?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/sidebar2.php'); ?></div>
    Sorry for having the Error messages in German, but the whole Blog is German and so also the WP on it.

    But i also get a strange message that my SQL has errors
    [28-Jan-2013 01:54:27] WordPress-Datenbank-Fehler You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 fΓΌr Abfrage SELECT rating_username, rating_rating, rating_ip FROM wp_ratings WHERE rating_postid = von require('wp-blog-header.php'), require_once('wp-includes/template-loader.php'), include('/themes/TEMPLATENAME/index.php'), the_post, WP_Query->the_post, do_action_ref_array, call_user_func_array, get_comment_authors_ratings

    And last but not least also two plugins are spamming:

    [28-Jan-2013 01:54:27] PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  rate in /home/USERNAME/public_html/DOMAIN.COM/wp-content/plugins/postratings-custom/postratings-custom.php on line 559
    [28-Jan-2013 01:54:27] PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  pid in /home/USERNAME/public_html/DOMAIN.COM/wp-content/plugins/postratings-custom/postratings-custom.php on line 560
    [28-Jan-2013 01:54:27] PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  ws_plugin__qcache_menu_pages_css in /home/USERNAME/public_html/DOMAIN.COM/wp-content/plugins/quick-cache/includes/classes/ on line 20
    [28-Jan-2013 01:54:27] PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  ws_plugin__qcache_menu_pages_js in /home/USERNAME/public_html/DOMAIN.COM/wp-content/plugins/quick-cache/includes/classes/ on line 28

    The rest is just double, tripple and unlimited more of the same Text over and over.
    The error_log doesn’t look that much different.
    Could someone explain me some of that strange language πŸ˜‰ .. i have tried to understand the most of it, mut thats a part.. especially the sql part what i totally do not understand.

    Kind Regards

    From the Moment i made the last posting till now the debug.log got its size increased to 128.848.545 Bytes around 122MB thats … wow. Really nobody has any idea how to get some of the messages gone?

    But it SEEMS that this is just the debug.log what writes here everything down. There is no error_log to find anymore. Would that mean that it is just the debugging of WordPress that is that sensitive?


    Have you modified or edited the code of wordpress files anywhere ? You can do these things –
    1) Optimise your database and repair any errors.
    2) validate your website’s code using validator on

    Core files were nearly never touched. Once i did modify the wp-includes/post.php to get the scheduled postings back to work.
    I did modify the template, but mainly just simple translations.
    I will check that again, maybe i find somethings to do better, especially validating, i belive my site is everything, but not calid ^-^
    But the biggest question and a thing what i totally don’t know….
    How to optimize a Database?

    at your server backend or cpanel you have a phpmyadmin . Open it then you will see there optimize tables when you select a database . Secondly you can use a plugin optimize db . Be sure to backup b4 installing plugin or optimizing database

    So it is an just automatic process, okay.
    I was just scared to do any kind of manual work in the DB.
    DB Backups are done automatically every 15 Days with MySQLDumper.

    And i do nearly nothing without a live backup and additional the second last backup, just in case πŸ™‚ .. Kind of too much in stake to mess with things what are very hard to get them back to work again when something IS damaged.

    Thank you and so i’ll do as said.

    Out of curiosity. How SQL Error happen? I did never touch SQL DB’s besides of doing backups.

    its good that you never touched it . If its gone your site is gone . Have backup and dont mess with other things phpmyadmin without knowing them .
    I too dont know all stuff there πŸ™‚

    its good that you never touched it . If its gone your site is gone . Have backup and dont mess with other things phpmyadmin without knowing them .
    I too dont know all stuff there πŸ™‚

    Would something like this “WP Database Optimizer” also does the Job?

    I just was in the PHPMyAdmin and searched around and i could only find something to optimize when i selected a specific Table/Subtable or how it should be called, going to “Operation” and then at “Table maintenance” was the button “Optimize table” That was So damn fast done, that i had the feeling that nothing was done at all, but i did got the message “Your SQL query has been executed successfully”
    Is it meant to be like that?

    Uhm, i just have checked the Website with and it said that i have exactly 1 Error:
    And before i made the test i was 100% sure that the tool would say that there are TONS of problems -.-
    I should check also other validators. Doctype: XHTML 1.0 Transitional — There should definately more than one error o.O.. Whatever I add manually to the code is PLAIN html like <center></center> <font color="#fff"></font> and other stuff like that.

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