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  • Hi,
    My site often have a peaks of 10/12000 unique visitors and when it happens, my hosting (Hostgator) block my wp site for an high server load.

    I have now installed :
    WP Super Cache
    DB Cache Reloaded
    SQL Monitor

    But Hostgator when i have up to 10.000 unique visitors, block my site for high server load.

    W3 Total Cache, is better than WP Super Cache,DB Cache Reloaded and SQL Monitor for my WP 2.9.2 ?

    Some advice ?

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  • You possibly need a faster server if Supercache is installed properly. Did they say in what time period you had 10,000 unique visitors?

    Thread Starter salva_nio


    unfortunately no..
    when the anime is on TV, There is more interest in my site, and i’ve 10/12.000 unique visitors.
    But I think that I’m NOT the only one that having these visitors on wordpress site.
    nobody else has had my problem?

    You can be sure that other people have these problems. If this is shared hosting it probably isn’t powerful enough for that level of traffic.

    You could try “lockdown” mode in Supercache or “directly cache” particular pages. Also disable any plugins you don’t absolutely need.

    As donncha says, also consider moving your site from a shared hosting account to a VPS. Otherwise you will continue having your site blocked or you may have you account canceled.
    Installing cache plugins isn’t enough when you start having 10k+ visitors.

    Upgrade your hosting.

    I get 30k uniques per day and now am running great with a small dedicated.
    Here’s some tips:

    -Use Disqus or intense debate for comments. this is useful if you get alot of comments. No wordpress comments = no comment cookies = no cache refresh on comment submit.

    -If you use related posts, use a service like Surphace.

    -If you have lots of posts, convert your DB to InnoDB.

    -Use W3 Total cache and configure all four options. Use the poor man’s CDN with a subdomain.

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    thanks for the advice but a small dedicated is too expensive form me..
    wich host do you have? Hostgator?
    Now.. i’ve the site in down :
    And I have now installed :
    WP Super Cache
    DB Cache Reloaded
    SQL Monitor

    I try to disable these plugin and activate W3 TOTAL CACHE ?

    I would suggest you to use wp-minify plugin. One of the best. I’m using it with WP Super Cache and noticed best performance.


    Thread Starter salva_nio


    thank a lot arpitshah!
    Now i try with this plugin!
    I tell you if everything works ok in a few days! Thanks! 🙂

    I use Hostgator for a lot of my clients. Their shared servers are pretty beefy. They don’t disable your site for visitors but maybe CPU? In which case what you should be doing is SSH into your server and run top. You may find a specific process causing your problem and not your site in general.
    But I do agree that you probably belong on a dedicated server.

    W3 Total Cache supports all of the popular hosting account types, but there are lots of plugins, themes, widgets and hosts out there. So if you want some tips you can contact me through my site or if you install W3TC use the bug submission form.


    I noticed that you use WP Super Cache and DB Cache Reloaded together. I have seen a number of sites state that they are compatible. I was about to create a new thread to ask this, but I thought I try here first.

    Have you found these two plugins to be compatible? Do they create speed gains when used together?


    cfisher – you can use db cache reloaded just fine with wp-super-cache. I used it for a while but didn’t notice any difference in server load.

    Thanks so much for the quick response.

    Just to clarify, you didn’t notice a difference in server load, but did you notice any increase in web page speed?

    Nope, everything is preloaded so it’s all served by mod_rewrite rules without hitting the database or PHP at all! Load on the server is negligible.

    Hi cfisher
    I don’t have knowledge with wordpress but notice something in your site
    You use i lot pictures as background in your home page you lose about 300 KB for this backgrounds.
    If you fix that with small size pictures i think you well save about 30% of bandwidth
    Sorry for my bad English

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